J360 Jams#20: Milestone Megamix

Welcome back to J360 Jams everyone, this time we’re breaking 20 Episodes.

We’ve reached an all new milestone, so to help celebrate along with the coming of spring and new hope happening around the world I just wanna call this episode the Milestone Megamix where we’re going to be listening to at least 50 tracks tonight, party up with Jam Fam, revisit some classic memories throughout the history of J360 Jams and party the night away.


Omega WaveSpace Waves
Omega WaveWaveRunner
Acid ArcadeRoma
Acid ArcadeParadise
Spaceman 1981 & Alexandria EsakovaInner Space
Spaceman 1981 & Alexandria EsakovaOne Night On The Earth
Firkenstein Streetwise
FirkensteinThe Void is Always Waiting
AerowolfUrban Crawl (Extended)
Elvin RoadDeath by Stereo (Halloween Extended)
Elvin RoadOn The Shore
Lavallette ft. A New Hope Return To Night City
LavalletteOcean Drive
Dimi KayeDark Alley
Dimi KayeNightmare City
Thread MillMemento
Thread MillHaze
Etherdrive/Thread Mill130mph
Etherdrive The Paradise we lost
Resin SunCity Of Flies
Resin SunCredit Rating
Neon Sweatsuit Crunch
SpaceForce ft. Neon SweatsuitThrough the Universe
SpaceForce ft. Washed Inc and J.M.BradyThe Robot King Pt. II – Fates Collide
SpaceForce ft. BlastpastVoyage 93
TsujTron Jovi
TsujPurple Dreams
Star MadmanCan’t Do This Anymore
Star MadmanKeep Running
TopherThank God It’s Mittwoch
Maestro EternalOrtu
Maestro EternalInter
ItsTheDreamChaserDancing In The Stars
Celestial MolliwopMalevolent Device
Celestial MolliwopArcade Demon
MagnavoltBrain Damage
Lombardo (Georama Remix)Slow
Chris Skillet (Georama Remix)Luvin U
CpektirMomentary Solace

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Song Of The Night: 07/15/18 Sunday Night Chillout

Hey J360 Legion

It’s almost time for another grind week to fall upon us but before we handle that we should take a moment to reflect on how far we’ve gotten so that we can focus on where we’re going.   Sometimes to function you need some downtime and the best way to enjoy that is on a calm Sunday evening with the right music.  I think you’re in for a treat considering who is featured on the J360 Playlist right now.

Tonight’s track is called “Open” by Emil Rottmayer.

So many vibes, riffs, and unconscious thoughts are expressed in this piece.  On a personal level it’s helping me think of some goals to achieve in the morning.  Mr.Rottmayer’s tracks are an instant favorite for this feature and he has plenty to share with the world.

If you want to hear more of his soundtracks, feel free to check out his bandcamp page here.

To all of you out there who are sacrificing time, sweat, and energy each day for a purpose. I want you all to know that it isn’t a waste.  Everything will pay off in the end and you’ll be thankful that you didn’t give in or play it safe.

There’s no victory without sacrifice.

Song Of The Night: 06/23/17 Friday Night Fever 

Hey J360 Legion!

It’s Friday Night, and we have some awesome tracks to listen to as we unwind from the busy part of the grind.  Since we didn’t have an entry for Thursday this week We’re listening to a total of 3 great tracks tonight. Each one bringing a different vibe of dark synthwave.

Our first track tonight is called “Endless Lights” by Danger Mode.

Our 2nd track is called “Filter” by Omronn.

Finally on our line-up tonight is called “Ascension” by Vermair.

If you love the artists involved in our article tonight feel free to check out their Soundcloud pages via the list below.

  1. Danger Mode
  2. Omronn
  3. Vermair

Since I have some material to cover tonight I hope all of you enjoy your weekend.

Songs Of The Night: 05/19/17 Friday Night Fever 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s been an interesting day for me this Friday. Had a lot to handle in terms of different tasks, and maintenance but things are good now.  I do need to have the J-Man Show#25 ready to roll, and I am starting the PowerPlay playthrough again.

However tonight should be about having fun. We should listen to two excellent tracks to get that night vibe going. Making up for lost time since there wasn’t an entry for yesterday.  I know some of you are going to go see Alien Covenant tonight or a music concert.  Since you need time to get there, let’s set the mood right by firing up the J360 playlist.

First track is from a good friend of ours named Kim Lightyear called “Leave the World Tonight.”

Much props goes to Kim for this track, it’s an interstellar adventure that should not be missed much and I cannot wait to hear anything else from her line-up as she’s out making new music.

Our 2nd track of the evening is called “Night Fighter” by Delta Machine and OB99

I just love it when the artists team up to create some vibrant magic, nothing wrong with collaborations especially when they show how a combination of styles can make a vibe that the world needs.  Perhaps a lot of you artist out there are looking to collaborate with someone to make fire too?

You all could use one more track to keep things consistent here with a Friday entry, continue to go intergalactic with this song from S.Exe called “Hologram.”

If you love the sounds of the Artists presented here tonight feel free to look into their Soundcloud pages below.

  1. Kim Lightyear
  2. Delta Machine
  3. OB99
  4. S.Exe

Have a good time tonight, J360 Legion.  I will return with another entry for tomorrow along with The J-Man Show Episode 25.

Song Of The Night: 04/08/17 Saturday Night Swingin’

Hey J360 Legion

Time to enjoy some great music shared courtesy of great musical friends out there. They’re rising up through the ranks, and making it happen with every chord. So what will it be for tonight? Electro-Swing, Synthwave, Future Funk, or NuDisco?

The answer is all because you’re going to swing the night away by vibes and grooves. You may get a taste of Dark Synthwave too. So let’s see what’s blowing up the playlist tonight?

Tonight’s song is called “Glow” by SelloRekT/LA Dreams

Beautiful track right? if you love the sounds of SelloRekT/LA Dreams, feel free to check out more of his work on Soundcloud here.

The night is young and you have so much to do in these hours, so make an awesome decision on what you with your time and enjoy the results.

Song Of The Night: 02/04/17 Saturday Night Swingin’

Hey J360 Legion

Presenting another part of our new format for the SOTD. You’ll get a Song Of The Night every weekend. Tonight should be all about the nightlife. I’ve also found a new artist for the J360 playlist. His name is Wice, and he’s just released an EP called “Atlas Prime “on Soundcloud. So in honor of his new release, and this feature’s new format. Let’s hear the first single from the EP for the Song of the Night.

Tonight’s song is called “Cruise Control” by Wice.

You know this song is just enough to get you pumped for a new adventure especially during tonight’s festivities so if you need a playlist for tonight, look into the whole “Atlas Prime” EP sometime.  If you love the sounds of Wice, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

Since tomorrow is the Super Bowl, don’t party too hard because the best is yet to come when the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots battle it out.


Song Of The Day: 01/01/17 Sunday Renewal/First Day 2017

Hey J360 Legion

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017.

Time to ignite the fire within we’ve got to push through the winter season again and have to start anew.  So let’s not redo 2016’s mistakes and go forward into the future with the help of an awesome track from an outstanding composer.  Starting today, we’re bringing in the best features we can for J360 Productions and now it’s time to be back in business.  Right now you’re going to need some strong music from one of the forebears from the music scene.  It’s a bit different from the synth sounds presented but variety is important and all music is connected but let the message show through the sound of this great artist.

Today’s track  is called  “Move on Up” from Curtis Mayfield.

Let the message help you unlock your potential, break your fears, and move on up.  Don’t just focus on your elevation for the new year alone but for the rest of your life.

The time to shine has come Legion.

Song Of The Day: 10/15/16 Soothing Saturday 

Hey J360 Legion

Another weekend has landed, and we’re going to listen to some soothing sounds to start the morning just right. Perhaps something jazzy or smooth but nonetheless groovy, and you can bet on that one.

Matter a fact, why not have an atmospheric track that could make you feel as though you’re going on a trip to some place fantastic with excitement and adventure on the horizon?

I think we may have the right tempo for you today.

Today’s track is called Mass Transit by =Guest= and is shared courtesy of Electronic Gems.

If you love the sounds from =Guest= check out his soundcloud here.

While it is Saturday don’t waste it sleeping in or lazing about, get up and go out into the world and venture just like today’s track.

See you on the next run.


Songs of the Day: 09/29/16 Two for Thursday 

Hey J360 Legion

How are you all doing this fine day, the weekend is almost in our grasps we just have to get through the fourth day of the week.  For some Thursday is a bit of a voided day, and there are others that don’t know how to categorize it.  For us at J360 Productions however we attempt to keep it interesting as a way to change things up.

For example, why go for just one song of the day when you can have two?

So consider this little experiment: Two for Thursday!

Where you get to listen to two tracks shared by us, and courtesy of the great composers who made them.

Today we’ll be listening to two fine examples of Electro-Swing and Synthwave.

First up we have “That’s Right” from Swingrowers, remixed by Jamie Berry.

If you like the sounds from Swingrowers check out more of their work via this link, and  Jamie Berry’s soundcloud.

From the Synthwave selection we have “Hot Pursuit” by Epsen Kraft.

If you’ve enjoyed Epsen Kraft’s work, feel free to check out his link as well.

Don’t let your Thursday go to waste, keep pushing yourself further, live for every day you have and make it epic.