J360 Jams TV#2: Around Round

Oh yes!!! we’re back on the party of all parties and continuing on the Jammaversary celebration via J360 TV. 10 more videos have made it to the line up and each one is presented by the best damn musical community worldwide: The Jam Fam. They’re not alone as more hilarity will be presented by J-Man as resumes his hosting duties and comedic insight.

The same rules still apply, feel free to check out each musician’s music via the link under their name.


BlastpastRacer X
Nakatomi Freefall & Claudia BlackstarDevil’s Night
Electric Sol Lucky Day
Elevate The Sky & Star MadmanClose to you
Mike Templar Waves
Jonny Fallout Slow Burn
FirkensteinEnjoying my lucidity
Final ShiftTime flies but you’re the pilot
Spaceforce x Washed Inc X Moosifer Champango Mosh Bit

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The J360 MiniBytes#137: Jammaversary Facts

J-Man talks about recovery and striking back harder.
Even if you gotta do it all alone and give the people one hell of a party.

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New Event: Jammaversary 2022

It’s that time of the year again, at least 30 days of music!!

Jammaversary is one of J360 Productions’ Top Events.

It recognizes and celebrates the production and growth of J360 Jams. Featuring excellent music from the Jam Fam and comical insight from J-Man, this show grow from a spinoff to a grand series.

The party of all parties began in the month of June, and by reaching the 2nd year of production we’re presenting milestones, memories, and music throughout the whole month. We’re brining 10 15 countdowns from the J-Man Show, Spotify playlists curated by J-Man himself and ending the 2nd season strong with Jams episodes 48-50.

Support the event by following along with shows/episodes marked by the terms “Jammaversary Month” across all of J360 Productions.

Come for the ceremonies and enjoy the music but remember Fridays Belong to Jams.