Song Of The Day: 04/11/17 Turbo Tuesday

Hey J360 Legion

The grind week is continuing strong, and here on Tuesday we’ll kick things up a notch. The name of the game is to try again and continue to make moves. Pushing yourself is the number one goal in life and that is what the grind week is about. Not to mention listen to an incredible song to inspire your journey.

Today’s song is called “From the Shadows” by Droid Bishop.

If you’re on your way to or at the grind right now let the momentum keep you pushing. Don’t stop if things seem challenging at this moment. Think of this song to keep you energy up. There’s more great music from this artist. So If you love the sounds of, please check out his Soundcloud here.

Don’t ever give up, you’re made to win and compete for greater things. You just have to walk the path to get there.

Song Of The Day: 03/27/17 Monday Motivation  

Hey J360 Legion

It’s time to get everything running up to speed with the return of SOTD feature. Some of you need inspiration to ignite your spirits as you attend the grind. I think this composer may have hit the right notes for all of us. What better day to start again than Monday right?  So no delays, let’s rise from the ashes and take acton to make the day count.  No hating on the momentum and take the time to make moves and remember that your dreams can be reality if you chase them.

Today’s track is called “Awaken” by Juno Dreams.

If you love the sounds of Juno Dreams, please check out their Soundcloud page here.

Don’t show any regrets or mercy as you give the grind its time.

Embrace, and stay focus on your needs instead of selfish wants.

Song Of The Day: 03/06/17 Monday Motivation 

Hey J360 Legion

We’re going back on the AM Shift this week. A little alternating never hurts, and since today is the start of a new grind week. The best way to begin is in the morning or whenever the rest of you awaken with a great track. Don’t waste time groaning and longing for a weekend that passed you by. Let your desires push you forward through the grind, and if you have doubts on this then luckily the J360 playlist has the right song for you. We’ve got goals to achieve and only we have the means to do it, so let’s fire up the music.

Today’s track is called “Pursuit” by Shyguys

If you love the sounds of Shyguys, feel free to check out their Soundcloud here.

Let this music propel you into action, I feel as though I can knock a dozen screenplays in one sitting. Never delay in anything you’re pursuing keep it written down and focused in your mind as you go through your tasks. We’re all on a limited basis when it comes to time. When we start, how far we travel, and where we end up. Start fresh today by taking advantage of what is offered or plan seeds in motion for things to hit their stride in the future. What you will do today can and will pay off tomorrow.

Songs Of The Day: 02/16/17 Two for Thursday 

Hey J360 Legion

We’re almost through the week. Now if you’ve been getting the stuffings kicked out of you this week due to Valentine’s Day or Cold/Flu Season (The latter for me). Well let’s not dawdle in the past, it’s time to go for greatness and finish strong. Luckily we’re going to have two songs to ignite that power inside of us all again and handle much needed business.  The grind can be unbearable enough when we do give a damn, so let’s not start getting creative with the process now.  Two for Thursday is here and that’s when you all get multiple songs to fulfill those needs of empowering because sometimes one track isn’t enough so let’s do it.

Our 1st track today is called “This Way” by Chaconne.

Our 2nd and final track for the day is “High Stakes” by Vampire Step-Dad.

If you love the sounds from both composers presented today feel free to check out their Soundcloud pages via the links below.

  1. Chaconne
  2. Vampire Step-Dad

Let’s get out there and stand up 8 because we’ve already fallen down 7. You can’t win lying down in the ground with your own self-doubt.  Everyone in the J360 Legion are contenders even those of you that wander behind, We just don’t stop standing our ground as we make our mark on this new world in front of us. So rise up as I take a cough drop and let’s fight the good fight before us now because we move onwards and never backwards.  We do have to prove our worth to not only the world around us but also to ourselves.



Songs Of The Night: 01/05/17 Double Trouble Thursday Night

Hey J360 Legion

It’s the first Thursday special of 2017, and indeed we’ve got much to handle tonight especially as I am on the night shift again for the week.   Two special Songs  and composers that deserve the spotlight for tonight’s article and I hope you are all using the energy from last night to push yourself into handle your own tasks.   It’s also National Screenwriting Day for those of you out there who are currently putting your epics together for shooting or optioning this year.   2017 should be the year of change for all of us, so we can give our projects the green light and it must be done now. In the end you’re the spark that is needed to push your goals from start to finish.   If you don’t believe me on any of this well let the Songs of the Night serve as a good example of people who pursue their passions and goals to give us a good legacy.

The first track is called “Changing Lanes” by Crockett.

A powerful outrun style track from his 2016 album called “City of Ghosts”, and this track is only the tip of the iceberg.  The entire album is pretty good and if you love the sounds, you should check out his Soundcloud here.

Crockett also has an upcoming  EP called “Songs for the Forgotten” coming soon in 2017 and you can currently hear the teaser on his Soundcloud.

The 2nd track is called “Joyride” from Dream Fiend

Coming from Dream Fiend’s album “Electric Isle” this track tends to give a traveling vibe as if searching through dreams, while synth and rhythmic futuristic funk is swirling around as you try to venture through your challenges to achieve your goals. Much like for the first entry from Crockett, It’s only the beginning of a spectacular trip from Dream Fiend.

If you love the sounds from Dream Fiend, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

I don’t just love Synthwave for how retro the vibes are but how experimental it can be, and I can only imagine the hours that each of the creatives featured in these articles place in to create spectacular results.   It just goes to show how far their commitment and drive leads them and those of us in the J360 Legion shouldn’t feel any less.  We have to keep putting in our grind so that we can produce amazing results too. Plenty of people are currently training to build their muscles and as for us in the creative field, our creativity is the same thing, we have to train and build it so that we can call on it to serve us.  If you don’t train your creativity, you can never hope to control it or use it for viable reasons so don’t doubt yourself if you don’t have the flow for the first time.  It takes dedication, willingness, and time and we all have the drive for these attributes.



Song Of The Night: 01/04/17 Wildcard Wednesday: Introspective Night

Hey J360 Legion

I know it’s only the fourth day of the new year, and things seem to be a bit bleak with the oncoming issues of the new administration or just fear of what’s to come.   Well You’re not only in these thoughts but the idea is you can’t just give into them and worry anymore.  Everyone in this world has a lot at stake when it comes to these issues whether we like them or not.  It’s the perfect time for us to test how strong we all are, and if mistakes are made (they will be), we have to be able to account for them.   Never be too hard on yourself because you didn’t make certain advances, get the girl, or the fancy job you wanted.  Every rejection is a redirection and if you follow the path from those areas while keeping your belief in yourself, you can make things happen.    If you need to really think deeply about where you see yourself in the oncoming days or lifetimes, well that’s what the Song of The Night is all about.  We’re going to use this Wednesday Night as a way to reflect on important things and use the energy from that to push us.

Tonight’s track is very deep in its presentation, and it is called “Still Human” by Nowtro.

Such a beautiful empowering track made by Nowtro, and it’s only the tip of the iceberg from his library.  So let’s give him support, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

I’d say this not to be rude Legion but if you’re sitting there and not being motivated you’re committing an injustice to the people who believe in you, and yourself.  Take the time to step up and give it your all, you have to keep fighting until you fall.   Time is of the essense and only you can make these things happen, never give up on yourself and feel that you aren’t good enough.  You all have unlimited potential, no matter what height, age, weight or race you are, and it’s all about how you apply your abilities and what you learn throughout the years.   Nothing is the easiest and most disgusting thing you can do even if the world seems like it is against you, you must carry on.    You will fail from time to time but you must remember you’re due for a win, and it will be in reach.   Let all of these songs that are made by these many composers across the world inspire you to reach to infinite heights.   You see the road and the mountains ahead of you, so we must travel and climb every one of them so that we may see the peak, and you must do it despite the ones that tell you not to because they’re too scared to try.

Despite what’s coming to Washington, or to your jobs or anything difficult, you can be stronger than the lo and you must pull your strength together into your focus to handle everything.

Song Of The Day: 11/28/16 Monday Motivation 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s near December, and the Holiday shopping season is in full swing but for those of you who aren’t about that Black Friday and living out their hermit lives on Cyber Monday to get those deals.

Congrats! you’re just like me because Cyber Monday is that awesome, haha.

Outside of handling the Christmas shopping for the year, be strong and maintain your daily duties to getting through the holiday rush surrounding you if you’re working in retail or distribution of any kind.  No matter what, don’t let those over played christmas songs on the radio get to you and make you crazy.   To be honest, Song of The Day for Monday Motivation won’t let that happen as we’ve got the grind to handle and we can’t let circumstances beat us.  So stay fired up because not only is it cold outside, there’s a burning fire inside from you to handle your efforts.

Let’s bring about the Song of the day so that we can go about making results.

Today’s track is called “Journey” another fantastic hit by Kalax

He’s a master of his craft isn’t he?

Well come check out his Soundcloud to hear more of his music via this link.

We’re all constantly on that journey to better ourselves, make new things come together, and give ourselves that push to create, pursue, and run that race.  Adventures are going to be worth it for every challenge, and effort we put in, and plus it’s essential that we learn from all of them to make us into well-rounded and strong-willed individuals.   It’ll never get easier but then again nothing worth doing ever comes easy does it?  So don’t ever attempt to look for an easy way out, just look for a way to handle things smarter and more efficient.   Keep listening to music earlier in the day or night (you night warriors aren’t forgotten!) so that you can have your mindset ready for what’s next.


Song Of The Day: 11/08/16 Turbo Tuesday (Election Day)

Hey J360 Legion

Time for another Song of the Day, It’s the Election Day so make sure you all go out and do your civil duty.  Stand your ground and vote for whomever you want because it’s your choice and it does matter.  Only when you’re in the middle of the new presidential administration are you starting to feel those deep doubts (haha).  I’m going to say this though just try to make your future important through your own daily sacrifices and keep pushing for better.  You should never really depend on other institutions to do all of the work anyways because it’s what you give and then it’ll be about what you’ll receive.

So remember that it does pay off as you’re putting in your efforts, and speaking of that, let’s take a listen to the song for today.

Today’s track is called “System Error” by ToneBox

(Video shared courtesy of NewRetroWave.)

If you love the sounds of Tonebox, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

Ironic title but still while the government system is always in need of a reboot or repair, we the people can make it such. First we have to get away from the bread and circuses they give us and pay attention to what’s going on.  Look at everything with wide open eyes, and understand why events have happened, learn the lessons and then go about fixing the mistakes so that they may never happen again.  You have to always be questioning why and never stay institutionalized, you only have one life to live and you have to share it with these people so you need to be open and aware of everything that occurs around you.  I’m not saying bring this all to work with you but remember your important stance in everything that occurs and be true to yourself regardless of what naysayers say to you about elections and etc.

Song Of The Day: 11/02/16 Wild Wednesday

Hey J360 Legion

Ready to go handle another Wild Wednesday?

Good so are we!

We have an incredible song of the day to hear, and we have to make the best of this week. You have to be striving and pushing yourself to overcome those obstacles so today we’re going to listen to an oldie but a goodie, and it is a fight song heard around any sporting event you can think of.

Today’s track is called “We will Rock You” created by Queen but remixed by Dance With The Dead.  I know Remix day is usually Friday but a song like this must be heard on a day like today especially since I know most of you partied out during Halloween Weekend.

What an incredible song/remix to hear, and I have to commend the guys on their re-arranging of a traditional fight song.  It’s like preparing to battle the forces of the undead or handling your own production company ( sounds familiar eh? ).  Big shout outs to DTWD and Queen for creating something that can ignite people to fight back when times get tough, and prepare for challenges ahead so that we can achieve our goals and make things happen.

If you love the sounds of Dance with the Dead feel free to follow their Soundcloud here.

Now for the rest of us, let’s go seize the day and take care of business, we’ve got much to do and it is up to us to pull a win.


Song Of The Day: 11/01/16 Turbo Tuesday 

Hey J360 Legion

November is finally here, we’re at least two months from the end of 2016, and a week from the conclusion of one”unforgettable” election. So much is coming to an end right now but it’s ok because old things have to end so that we can have a new beginning.  Speaking of new beginnings it is time for a song of the day to start off our stride again.  Let’s hear some strong rhythm from the speakers around here and get us where we need to go.  We should hear something that is powerful and steady for us to rise like the sun every morning.

Today’s track is called “Aurora” from Age of The Machine which in turn is a side project created by Lee Maguire of the dark electro/alternative rock group, Mercury Machine.

If you love the sounds from Age of the Machine feel free to add his soundcloud here.

Experiments and side projects are important to pursue as they only further our career and allow us to different boundaries. They can bring new experiences to life as we’re crossing issues or obstacles in our current grind and give us additional strength if we choose to pursue them.  Open your eyes everything to new opportunities and different aspects to your life because they may be exactly what you need.