What is J360 Jams?

Hey all, since everyone is showing their yearly wraps. I found there’s still so many artists I have to meet.

So let’s get to it! I’m J-Man and I own J360 Productions, it’s a production company in DE. I create Radio, TV, and Film projects.

The project I want to present to you is called J360 Jams.

J360 Jams is a bi-weekly music series hosted by J-Man showcasing the best indie music that the interwebs has to offer. Based on the Song Of The Day/Night feature from the J360 Website, It will focus primarily on the Synthwave movement that is currently taking the industry by storm. We’ll have some interviews with the artists as well, and look into other music styles as well.

As we’re producing this live, be sure to help support all local musicians by visiting their bandcamps, or main websites, and purchasing the songs and/or merch available.

Each show is broadcasted via Spreaker.com/show/j360jams at 10pm EST.

Live shows are fun, you can interact with me and other artists via the chat function from the web browser or spreaker app.

If you cannot attend the show live, it will be available across all podcast providers for your listening pleasure.

If interested please email J360productions@outlook.com and submit at least 2 tracks and a bandcamp or website link for your debut.

J360 Jams#2: Journey to Escapism!

Due to Popular Demand, you knew a sequel was just around the corner. Tonight J will deliver at least 16 songs from great synthwave artists around the world. So feel the vibe, catch the wave, and escape into a world of epic proportions.

(Please show your support and dedication to the artists by visiting their bandcamps and check out their albums)


1)Neon DreamsOceanside85
2)Walk AloneOceanside85
3)Not Like UsDriver86, Oceanside85
4)Streets Of NightDriver86, Oceanside85
5)Iron LungBest Korea
6)Imagine The EchoBest Korea
7)Hiding In Plain SightDimi Kaye
8)Pedal To The MedalDimi Kaye
9)Fictional MindMercury Machine
10)EscapeMercury Machine
11)IndoctrinatedFuture Holotape
12)Scream To The MoonFuture Holotape
13)Those in my wayStraplocked,Occams Laser
14)City ForgottenStraplocked, Ray Gun Hero
15)RebootAdam Ford
16)Coming Back HomeAdam Ford

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Twitter: @j360productions
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