The J-Man Show#244: Honor The Deal

Everything’s in a state of unrest but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and hope for the best. Which is what J-Man discusses on this episode and attempts to try to make sense of the madness around him.

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The J-Man Show#242: Blazing Trails

This week J-Man talks about blazing trails, handling some more side hustles, Twitch issues, alternative channels, and staying focused on the original plan. He will also remind people about Discipline which is a bit bitter yet more full-filling than motivation.

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The J360 MiniBytes#126: Shades Of Green

This week on the MiniBytes, there’s plenty of time for J to start prepping a mini event, let ya’ll know about Bandcamp Friday, and get ready for Spring Fever.

Somehow Mardi Gras snuck up on him too.

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The J360 MiniBytes#125: I’m back In The Game

After a weird night, and a painful headache.
J-Man returns to the mic to discuss the Alt.schedule, rebuilding the tribe, and giving things another strong go. He will also talk of why somethings are important, paying attention to what is in your social circle so you can adjust it, and where to go from here.

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The J-Man Show#238: Withdrawal

Welcome to a surprise episode, this time J-Man discusses Celebrity withdrawal. From Joe Rogan to musicians withdrawing from spotify, people’s cancelation high, and how celebrities seemed to ruin the indie process. He will also talk about how Podcasting isn’t the problem and how if you’re in this, keep going and be about the art instead of the fame b/s.

He will also discuss The J360 Powerplay Marathon that had taken place and it’s reasoning.

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The J-Man Show#237: Are We Mainstream Yet?

This week J-Man discusses going Westward, Getting an invitation to get an exclusive console, working on affiliations for J360 Productions, He’ll even talk about the live action Disney universe, and why to be aware and not worry about circumstances.

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The J360 MiniBytes#122: Upward Momentum

This week J-Man discusses the growth for J360 Productions, active scouting for Jams, the growing want for more Jams, and tidbits on another show returning to the J360 lineup. He will even discuss affiliation with other companies.

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The J360 MiniBytes#121: The Road To Jams#40

This time J-Man discusses the pitfalls leading to Jams#40, and how staying true to yourself matters.

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The J360 Hangouts#27: Football Hall

The Storminess is affecting things here at the Hangouts outpost and this time the boys of the Legion Hall gather to talk about Sports, G4TV, and the Video Games of yesteryear. That is unless Al and J-Man quit trolling up the show as Moosifer mediates.

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J360 Jams#39: 2021 Year End Showcase

Lots of achievements are coming our way tonight, it’s the final night of 2021 along with the last Jams because 2022 is upon us we’re going to be rocking the entire way through the time streams.  The Jam Fam is ready, J-Man’s ready and it’s time to party up!!!!

If you love who you’re hearing tonight, please click their name to see what they’re all about, and invest in them if you can.

WarpsektorThe Oncoming Storm
WarpsektorGlimpse The Infinite
LouversBreaking Nights (Lights in The Sky)
Cat TemperCastronauts Are Go
Cat TemperTelepurrtation
ZXSPSoftware Interface
ZXSP ft. Phoenix Van Der WeydenSuperbia
Decisive Koala and Star MadmanFuture Roads
Star Madman and ManhattenA Way
Nanoverse & VinnyThaBone (VVMPYRE Remix)Devil’s Night
Elyxir & Neilio (VVMPYRE REMIX)Mother Mania
Dark SaintsRitual
Dark Saints ft. EM BEThe Demon (Vocal Version)
Liquid ModernJ’aime L’automne
Liquid ModernWalkin’ Feet
Neon SweatsuitHappy 360 Holidays (J360 Jams Special Mix)
Neon SweatsuitQuest Of The Keyholder
SpaceForceSpace Tourist Second Flight
SpaceForceDreaming Of That Moment
ThorrisonRise Up
YuknoWatt & Thread MillLuxure
Thread MillHaze
WovesChristmas Time is Here
Woves1 am
AGNISAll I want for Christmas (Mariah Carey Cover)
AGNISLight and Fire
Firkenstein Sleeping on the porch
FirkensteinA New Relationship with Time
Turbo HamsterCyber Mediator
Turbo HamsterSilver Mirage
Survey ChannelLilyboat
Survey ChannelTungsten Pillow
Electron OdysseyMeet The Horizon
Electron OdysseyShow Me The Way
Bunny XDiamonds
Bunny XUnknown Places (Cassetter Remix)
Maestro EternalPunch Dance
Maestro EternalPositronic Dreams

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