The J-Man Show#291: #Belikeme

This week J-Man discusses and reminds people exactly how J360 Radio works. He also discusses an insane way to try to save grub by bringing back the Bagged Lunch, He mentions why people shouldn’t get so worked up over the DKOldies nonsense, and he will also mention what the Chris Rock comedy special meant to him.

It’s also international womens day and J-Man shows his appreciation J360 Style

Let’s get to 300 episodes and make history!

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The J-Man Show#93: Ineptitude and Lies

This week on the J-Man Show, J discusses issues on the Job, Salty Jealous People, and idiocy in the world. He’ll even take a good look at what’s going on in public office for old times sake too.

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The J-Man Show#62: Atonement for Passing Days

J looks into James Gunn’s Firing by Disney and also looks at how the punishing of people can go from justified to petty. He will also explain why you need to confront issues with your past head on instead of being passive-aggressive, and explain why other people tend to revel in exploiting horrible things from your past.

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