The J-Man Show#226: Final Nightmare Tales 2021

This week J-Man returns back to the main show to discuss more nightmare tales, some movie he saw on the Monster Fest, and also some information about the J-Man Show that might be important to the J360 Universe.

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The J360 Hangouts#20: Monster Fest Hall 3 (with Marco, Al, and Moosifer)

Picking up from the last Monster Fest Hall, J-Man and his boys discuss more about the Monster Fest like trying to save the aliens and predators franchises, how the Movie industry can be fixed, and what other horror concepts they have.

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The J-Man Show#224: Venomous Nightmare Tales

This week J-Man discusses Venom: Let there be Carnage, along with delivering some horrific nightmare tales, he will also discuss the dangers of mob mentality and how to actually do what you can to avoid being suckered into social settings that don’t serve you.

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The J360 Hangouts#19: Monster Fest Hall II (with Al & Marco)

The boys remeet for another session for talking about Monsters, from what makes a real monster, and more horrific things in the Horror season.

Check out more of Marco’s work via the link below.

State Of The Art Series here

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The J-Man Show#223: Nightmare Tales Redux 2021

This time J discusses real life monsters in cancel culture, urban legends, strange stories from Maryland and more weird stories to continue on The Monster Fest.

Book: Urban Legends Of The USA: Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan by Susan Hill.

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Monster Fest Rating: Wishmaster 3

The Djinn is back…and in small doses.
This movie was so bad that the original actor who voiced and played the Djinn left the series before this movie could be created.

This resulting film is not making fun of those who carried on or made the movie but damn if it isn’t trying to be a good one. So the Djinn is back and he’s trying to bring more Djinn into this dimension as he’s released on a college campus.

However we don’t see much of him, we follow a boring woman’s story, her love sick boyfriend, and all sorts of the Djinn asking where she is while being in the guise of her teacher.  The Djinn hardly gets revenge on these damn college kids until after an hour or so…

There were some cool battle sequences but my suspense of disbelief was gone whereas my dislike grew.

Eventually they did stop the Djinn but…it was obtuse

This movie gets no rating…I just can’t…


2021 Monster Fest Rating: Abbott and Costello Meets Frankenstein

After getting through the mess that was House of Dracula. I needed a change of pace so I’m delving into the Abbott and Costello classic.

This one is an absolute gem, and a fascinating mix between the genres. I would prefer this to be a grand finale than House of Dracula.

There’s sequels where the comic duo meets the invisible man, and later the Mummy.

I rate this one: 5 Bloody Knuckles.

2021 Monster Fest Movie Rating: House of Dracula

The House Of Dracula

Yep…they should’ve stopped at House Of Frankenstein.

However they had to squeeze one more out and it really wasn’t a great experience…like lots of the monsters were just phoning it in at this point.

I rate it 1 bloody knuckle, it’s skippable

They did later make a grand classic horror comedy after called Abbott and Costello meets Frankenstein which is much much better than this one. So I’d say go watch that one instead of this.

2021 Monster Fest Rating: The Wolf Man (1941)

Bring on the bloody knuckles!
Ok starting the fest off right with this universal classic.

The Monster Fest is in full swing as The Wolf Man scores a perfect 5 on the rating scale. This one has it all, a tortured protagonist, a doomed love story, dark atmosphere, and we’ll written characters.

I find myself replaying the Wolf Man often during the spooky season because Talbot’s story is so enriching and everyone complements each other well. Plus this is one of those films that grew well as time moved on so it’s a horror gem far as I’m concerned.

I give 5 Bloody Knuckles!!

J-Man’s Greatest Crossovers#2: Cult 45 Podcast#230: Friday The 13th w/ J.M.Brady

Crossover Date: 03/08/2020

It has finally come to this especially since this is my 2nd Crossover Episode in the history of J360 Productions.

You can’t think of Podcasting without hearing the name of Cult45, the Podcast that puts hair on your chest hosted by my good friends: Bemdown and Random Randy Savage. I’ve listened to their show for a long time before I started the J-Man Show in 2016. Their viewpoints on different movies is awesome to hear and I would tune in every week to see what movie they would review. Some movies would be classic hits, others would be misses, and/or terrible but hearing these guys discuss each one with their own rating systems in the mix presents an awesome show.

I figured as I would keep creating and working on J360 Radio eventually I would join B and Randy on some of their review episodes.

One day I got my chance because in February 2020, B sent me a message inviting me to the show to discuss one of the best horror films of all time: Friday the 13th! I was sold immediately, especially at the prospect of hanging with two of the coolest dudes in the podverse. So by the time March rolled around I was ready to go and what follows is one of the best episodes of all time and I actually got to help kick off their Friday the 13th marathon.

We’re all still cool with each other to this day, and they also do other projects too. Bemdown is producing his Old Man Gamer series on their twitch, and Randy is creating a feature of his own on their YouTube Channel called “Hitch Me Up.”

I highly recommend checking them out after you listen to the episode below, you won’t regret it!

What is the Cult 45 Podcast? (In their own words)

The fun really starts after the credits roll.

We are Cult 45: The Movie Podcast and we are based out of Houston, TX. We are a comedy podcast that reviews cult movies with a fresh outlook. Many of these movies range from personal favorites, to films we have never heard of. If you are in a mood to laugh, or want to relive the experience of a movie you’ve already seen, check us out. 

Main Site: Https://

Podbean: Https://


Cult 45 Podcast#230: Friday The 13th (1980) w/ J.M.Brady

Episode Synopsis: This week we finally have J.M. Brady from J360 Radio as a guest and FINALLY review Friday the 13th!

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