Song Of The Day: 02/06/17 Monday Motivation

Hey J360 Legion

Wasn’t that a wild Super Bowl or what?

Looks like the Patriots made history again by getting their 5th ring and winning the game in overtime after the Falcons were dominating them in the earliest part of the game.  Plenty of people were talking smack about how the Pats were losing, including me but in the end we were all humbled because Tom Brady and Co. came back in a stunning formation to win out.  Not to mention that frumble against Matt Ryan really turned the tide of the game cause no one expected a comeback this good especially in Super Bowl 51.  Although it would’ve been the first time for a Falcons win, the Pats didn’t give up even as things were looking bleak it looked like a reverse underdog story or when Rocky Balboa had to fight against Clubber Lang.   No matter the comparison the Super Bowl went into overtime, and New England managed to pull a win.

I’m not a Pats fan by any means but I do know what’s it like to be in the underdog role as should all of you out there who are still struggling to pull a win.   Since it’s Monday let’s go for it again shall we?  Suit up, and prepare for another adventure besides we’ve got the Song Of The Day to back us up .  Today we’re going to have a chill song to listen to get us started today.

This song is called “Falling Into Place” by Home.

If you love the sounds of Home, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

If it seems like the chips are down, J360 Legion, you have to pick up the pieces and try again. Never give up under any circumstances.

Song Of The Day: 09/09/16 Funktastic Friday!

Hey J360 Legion

We’ve made it to another Friday, and it’s time to make things a bit funky!

(Major shout outs to Electronic Gems, and Home)

Today’s track is called “Head First” another winner from Home,  it’s an epic track that makes me think of heading into the future right now with all of my goals in check. The uptempo and the funk vibes from this song is enough to inspire me to take on the world.  I can only hope it does the same for you and the Synthwave movement is getting better every day as these creatives put their efforts into each track.

Life is a Journey and in order to make it through the obstacles and learn a lot through your trials and tribulations, you need guts, determination, and the best music to keep you pumped.

Let’s go take over the world and live it up!

Song Of The Day: 09/04/16 Sunday Chillout

Hey J360 Legion!

Today’s a pretty relaxing day as a matter fact the sun and clouds are forming a beautiful sunrise outside and it fits well with the track.

This is another hit single from Home (Who created Resonance), and it’s called Way, Shape, and Form.  A nice example of calm and cool Synthwave,  the feels from this track is what today should be about.

It’s almost like cruising through space and time at a easy pace while thinking of deep thoughts at the same time.

Major shout outs to Electronic Gems for sharing this music, and Home for creating it.