J360 Jams#58: December Wave Party 22

Time for some holiday hooliganism with some fantastic music thrown in as J-Man and the Jam Fam deck the halls and bring about yuletide cheer with 32 tracks and crazy fun. 

It will be jolly, it will be unorthodox, and Fridays still belong to Jams!

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BlastpastRacer X
BlastpastCasa Cristo
Rogue FXDon’t Talk To Strangers
Rogue FXFilofax
UFO1982Fantasia (Deja Vu Noir Dark Days)
Driver86 feat. Olivia ZulkeDust In Slow Motion
Driver86 feat. Olivia ZulkeThe Lost Signal
MikeXFMChipStorm (The Lost Synths)
MikeXFMWeird Specie
I-SAAC x CelinaBlack Sun
Dark83The Pale Ones
Dark83Carcass Of a Dead Star
Electron OdysseyMach 20
Electron Odyssey feat. Meg McDuffeeThe Endless Shore
Claudia Blackstar feat. ArdeniteDiamond
Claudia BlackstarUpsidedown
Amethyst RainBeauty
Amethyst RainOne Dance In The Snow
Marina AnselmoDew
Marina AnselmoShiver
Spaceforce feat. Washed IncSpace Tourist (Final Flight)
SpaceforceWe Need a Hero
Neon SweatsuitLaser Beam Fever Dream
Neon Sweatsuit Mountain Sphere Ultimate
Neon Black DreamsReach For The Light
Neon Black DreamsDreams

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The J-Man Show#239: Semi-Valentines Special

This week J-Man decides to give Valentines a good ol fashioned kick in the rear, discusses why you should not let this be your end all/be all regarding relationships, how to just live your life to the fullest, and create your own happiness. He will discuss incels, mental health, and in doing so try to provide a few laughs to offset this.

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The J-Man Show#138: V-Day’s Revenge

Oh snap Valentine’s Day is upon us, and it’s gained weekend status (sorta). No worries tho J will help you through it all by discussing a few things you could do, and improve your dating life a bit.

Keep in mind, J runs on NFG, and results vary!

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The J-Man Show#132: At Years End 2019

The J-Man takes the time to get rid of 2019 by describing what was important about the year and how he’s happy to be moving on. He will also look into various items that stood out to him regarding certain movements and improvements that have happened as well.

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The J-Man Show Ep.79: Holiday Hijinks

J-Man is coming in a moment’s notice to discuss the Holidays with you all. He’ll be looking into Baby it’s cold outside, and other SJW nonsense. He will also discuss his top 5 Christmas movies of the year, and of course gives an appropriate approach to the holidays.

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The J-Man Show#2: Fistful of Turkey! (Explicit)

After taking a small break from Tuesday’s performance It’s Thanksgiving Eve, and J decides to share his insight on the Trump/Hamilton debacle, Working on Thanksgiving Day issues, Thanksgiving Day Hijinks, Optimism for 2017 regarding video games, and telling America to cut loose and eat hearty for one day.

Production Note: This episode was produced on 11/23/16, and is now edited and available for all to hear.

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