Song Of The Day: 01/16/17 Monday Motivation  

Hey J360 Legion

Just when you thought I wasn’t going to haunt your mornings anymore, well you were wrong!

I’m back on the AM Shift (for now) so it’s time to make the grooves come to life again and bring that inspiration and motivation back to full circle.  It’s Monday again so you know the drill, no complaints (Unless you’re a Dallas fan) and it’s time to keep moving forward so that we can achieve our dreams in this epic quest we call “life”.  So no moping around and doing the Garfield thing by hating Monday.   Let’s try to be friends with it by listening to a Song Of The Day instead.

Today’s track is called “Prime Time” by Tape Loader and Phatt Rok Ski.

Wooo…love this track, it’s just right for a new mindset, and getting efforts into play. If you love the sounds of Tape Loader and Phatt Rok Ski, feel free to follow their Soundcloud below.

Tape Loader

Phatt Rok Ski (He doesn’t have a Soundcloud yet, so if anyone knows where he is, please let me know so I can link him.)

Let’s breakdance and get through this Monday while handling our business and get things together.  Whether it’s bringing unity in the nation or causing the people to flow to our many unique vibes and grooves through the powerful messages we have to say.  Let’s do what we gotta do to make things better for us, the people we love, and why not everybody that wants to make the change.  It’s up to us to “Make The World a Better Place” than officials out there who want to keep us down.

So let’s make things happen J360 Legion!

Songs Of The Night: 12/19/16 Monday Night Motivation

Hey J360 Legion

Presenting more for the Song Of The Night Feature so this whole week will be about the after hours music.  Not cancelling the Song Of The Day or anything but we’re giving this feature some more love especially with the late night hits we have on the Playlist this week.  Took a little bit of a day yesterday but it’s all about being ready to rock the night away with the late grind just like the other night warriors out there.  I hope you all have been pushing yourselves that worked in the day time today, even if there wasn’t a Song of The Day you still keep motivating yourselves to better.  That’s a J360 Order! (haha) Tonight’s song is going to be spiritual and groovy in its own right to give you that motivation.

Now since there wasn’t a Song Of The Day for 12/18/16 (took a day off), there will be two songs for tonight.  The first should be a small chill out track to give some inspiration, and the other should fulfill the duties of the Monday Night Motivation.

The first track is called “A Somewhere Place” by Cougar Synth.

The 2nd track is called “Drive through the night” by Dress-2-kill.

Ever have that night drive, you know the feeling or energy that keeps pushing you to handle tasks matter what time of the night it is.  I have them quite often whenever I’m preparing the J360 Shows you never know where they come from but it happens whenever you really have something that needs to be handled, and only you can do it.  Although you’ll have to let your teammates know about it in the morning (haha) but I’m enjoying the night sessions presented here so far, and the artists who create these tracks need the love too.

So if you love the sounds of the music you’ve heard tonight feel free to check out both composers’ Soundcloud pages provided via the links below.

Soundcloud links

Cougar Synth



Songs Of The Day: 11/10/16 Two for Thursday

Hey J360 Legion

I had the strangest dream that a lot of people were actually carrying on with their lives despite the abundant hatred and dislike of a Trump Administration.  That we’ve all managed to keep going on and doing what we love and try to bring people together to make life here livable regardless of what happens.  I do believe the strong survive and the heart still has a place in how we choose to go through the world along with a hint of common sense.   The whole thing felt like heaven and I just didn’t want to leave. So I’m holding onto that happiness even though I know I have to walk through some of the most darkest pathways in life,even while running J360 Productions.

So today we’re going to have a double dose of relaxing electronic synth music, a bit of chill down that can help us find peace in ourselves and help us get through the day.  I’ve introduced this musician from the previous SOTD article yesterday.

Since it’s the two for one special on Thursdays, consider this a double helping of oDDling.

The first track is called “As Time Passes By.”

The 2nd track is called “In The Clouds.”

If you love the sounds of oDDling, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

Just keep jamming and living free inside people, don’t give into hate because that’s just what the mainstream folks out there want from all of us. Push from those negative thoughts because they will pull you into a hole so deep, you may never see the sunlight again.  You have to keep striving and moving forward, let these down times quietly build up the strength you know you have inside of you all.  Make your difference through your capable thoughts and your ability to execute strong actions, you may do yourself or someone else a grand service.

Song Of The Day:09/28/16 Wild Swing Wednesday 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s a new day in the middle of the week, I hope all of you are bridging gaps and achieving goals for yourselves.

If not, don’t worry, it’s time for a song of the day and I think you need something swinging to pull you out of your funk.

I’ve managed to hear plenty of great tunes so far this week but only one can make the cut for today, so let’s see who it is?

Today’s track is called  Gangsterlove (Shiny Mob Remix) created by Alice Francis.

If you’d like to hear more of her work, check out her soundcloud via this  link.

Never stop grinding and keep pushing yourself further to achieving your goals.

Song of the Day: 09/25/16 Sunday Chillout

Hey J360 Legion

We’ve got a new Song of the Day, and since it’s Sunday it’s all about chilling out and relaxing the day away.  This is the perfect day to just ease down and recharge because Monday is about the grind, so just drift through the synthwave galaxy as the right song plays through your radio.

Today’s track comes from an artist known as Flamingosis and it’s called “If Only.”

(Video is shared courtesy of Electronic Gems)

Stay cool Legion.

Songs Of The Day: 09/24/16 Saturday Shuffle 

Hey J360 Legion

The weekend is here, and it is time for another song of the day. We’ve much to accomplish today, and it is important to have an epic playlist to back you up.

Today’s tracks have the perfect rifts, and rhythms to make the right atmosphere, and the first one is called “Bloom” by Soto.

Followed by the smooth sounds of “Foreign Exchange” by  Globuldub

Both of these tracks are shared courtesy of Electronic Gems, a website filled with different electronica, synthwave, and experimental artists.  The great futuristic artists on there never stop creating some astounding mixes and we should never stop doing the same in pursuing our goals.

let’s make a difference today!