The J360 PowerPlay#15: Saturday Showdown!!

Tonight’s Game: Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (XBOX One)

Recorded/Filmed: 02/20/2021

This is the start of a bi-weekly sub series/event for The J360 PowerPlay series featuring J-Man and different gamers battling it through multiple competitive games. We’re starting off the first episode with Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

This particular event also features Washed Inc (Marco), Silent Wolf (SpaceForce), and MoneyShot (Vic)

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The J360 PowerPlay#14: Storm the Sinclair Deluxe

Tonight’s Game: Bioshock 2

Synopsis: Picking up from where we left off in Episode 13, The battle against Grace Holloway hasn’t stopped yet. This time we’re going to take the fight to her doorstep, we’ll be battling through splicers and other creatures from the deep to sort of this misunderstand.

This is a short and sweet episode due to time constraints but we will be back to a normal set in Episode 15.

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The J360 PowerPlay#13: The Battle For Pauper’s Drop

Tonight’s Game: Bioshock 2

It’s finally come to this, we’re going to face another demon from our past as a Big Daddy/Protector of Eleanor Lamb. We’re battling through a slum called Pauper’s Drop against a follower of Sophia Lamb named Grace Holloway who has a bone to pick with Subject Delta.

Fortunately J-Man’s been itching for a fight, and we’re going to bringing a war to her front doorstep on this episode of The J360 PowerPlay!

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The J360 PowerPlay#12: Fight Fire with Fire!

Tonight’s Game: Bioshock 2 (Bioshock The Collection) (PS4)

Without further ado, welcome back to the J360 PowerPlay!

This time J-Man is battling through Ryan Amusements to gain access to Incinerate so he can melt the ice blocking the train. However the Splicers, and the Big Sister will not make this an easy affair. However considering that J-Man’s looking for a fight, this might be a blessing in disguise.

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The J-Man Show#164: The Feel Good Ban

On today’s episode J-Man looks into (or tries) to see why Trump wants to ban TikTok but finds out how much deeper the rabbit hole goes. He will also look into Spider-Man’s inclusion into the Avengers Video Game, and revisits his Fandom due to Spider-Man Day, and his thoughts on reopening a local business around here.

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J360 Programming Update 03/21/17

Hey J360 Legion

I apologize for the muteness around J360 Productions lately.

I’m still working on the format of another J360 Property, and I am ironing out a few bugs in the works but you’re still getting content this week so here’s your alternative schedule.

Wednesday at 9pm: J360 Live#15
Thursday at 7pm: The J-Man Show Episode 17
Friday at 9pm: J360 Live#16

Believe me this new series is going to be pretty good, and it’s best I get it out of the way cause it will be on the J360 YT. Plus I’m also doing some maintenance on the J360 Channel right now as we speak to streamline a few things and keep things orderly.  So pretty much everything around here is maintenance week but it’ll be worth the wait and you are still getting great content.


Song Of The Day: 11/25/16 Friday Remixes 

Hey J360 Legion

For those of you enjoying the day after Thanksgiving by shopping about and everything for the new holiday season. I am working on prepping the new PowerPlay set for YouTube along with moving the J-Man Show’s production time to Tuesday nights at 7pm. So there’s some transitions moving about in the company. We might be a little late on this since everyone is currently out there trying to get the best deal for their gifts and making people in their family happy (or could be waiting on Cyber Monday like me). Just be safe and have fun on your endeavors today.

Speaking of transitions, it is time for the Song of the Day.

Today’s track is called “The Midnight Runner”,  A Starlight Zone remix from Sonic the Hedgehog 1 by the Audio Sprite.

If you love the sounds of the Audio Sprite, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

I hope you all are making the best, and enjoying your grind regarding the holidays and your paths in life today.  Keep making moves and pushing yourselves to the best of your abilities.  As for me, I still have that Turkey lag in my mind so I might just make the most of my day off today and take a snooze, haha.

Take care Legion, and keep up the good fight.

The Retro Saga Update: A PowerPlay Story

It’s been awhile since my PlayStation 3 went kaput and to be honest I’m not missing it that badly.

The mission for the 2016 PowerPlay has been about going back in time to play PlayStation 2,  and encountering some of the old franchises that didn’t make into the seventh or eight generations. Franchises like Onimusha, Genji,  and Armored Core 3 have called me back and feel just as challenging as day 1.

Armored Core 3.jpgNot only does it feel great to play these classics again but by using my HD component cable, the visuals are still pretty neat on a PlayStation 2.

That is once your eyes adjust to the content being shown in 240 or 480p as it is being modified to an HD display, and again for a PowerPlay episode.

There have been a few times I had to adjust to old school gaming such as loading times and using external memory cards.  It goes to show how spoiled we can be when new technology came into the gaming market. So retro-gaming helps to relearn how far we’ve come and appreciate the hardware evolution. Regardless of the PS3 failure, going this route for the PowerPlay’s 2nd season is something I had in the books for awhile.

I’ve searched through my storage and found all of my Final Fantasy copies from My PS1 collection and FFX through FFXII so i’m pretty content if I’m to show you the RPG genres.  I also have plenty of fighters/Arcade collections from Capcom, SNK, and Sega. Just in case I need to grab some more material there’s always plenty of flea markets around I can visit.

I know in recent news, there are re-releases coming for some of these games (FFXII is supposed to get one for PS4) but right now it doesn’t matter, and plus you’ll see some of these original versions during this PowerPlay season. Similar to how the Cyclone has an print media feature, the J360 PowerPlay has one too, and believe it or not, you have seen examples of it as we’re growing our website.

Far as the YouTube series goes, wait until you get a load of the game after Genji, It won’t be something to miss. I know we have had a lot plot points to get through with Eps.31 through 34 but from Ep.35 and onwards, I think we’ll be able to defeat the Evil Samurai and bring peace back to war-torn Kyoto before I move onto the next adventure.

Have any questions about the PowerPlay’s progress?

Please feel free to leave a comment or talk at the twitter: @j360productions

The J360 PowerPlay#35 will be active by Thursday 10/06/16 at 5pm eastern.

My PlayStation 3 died…What could this mean for the PowerPlay?

Hey J360 Legion

RIP, you beautiful beast

Yep, you’ve heard right my PlayStation 3 finally went kaput, It was unexpected but at the same time I wasn’t surprised because it was an elder BC model with at least 60 gig when I first got it… a well built station that live up to its name.


Welp, no time to mourn I have to rebuild, so since I’m not going to fork over the money to have Sony send it to an undisclosed repair place in Canada nor do I have access to a heat gun to do the YLOD fixture myself. I’m going to buy a new 120 gig PlayStation 3, and replace the hard drive inside, I’ve already handled my backwards compatibility problem by giving my PlayStation 2 the center stage. It’s also the one I used to play FF4 and kept as a back-up in case anything went wrong (and has).

I used to speak highly of my PlayStation 3 not for the PS3 games, Blu-ray player, and/or wireless connectivity but for the BC. The Emotion engine being inside of the PlayStation 3 60 gig is what made the thing a package deal for me. It added a lot of replay value, it lived up to what was its slogan: “It only does everything.”

Well in my case: It “did” everything, but I have a plan now and with the PlayStation 2 back in my corner it feels not necessarily saying goodbye but saying hello to an old friend.

The PlayStation 2 is still a pretty top notch system, and with the large amount of video games I have for it, some that I didn’t even touch when I went into the seventh generation. It’s a good time to take a step back into the Sixth generation circle, especially since none of you saw the Final Fantasy 4 play through (you can read about that here).

So where I stand really in losing the PlayStation 3 60 gig model is not bad in these terms.

  1. I’m currently playing PlayStation 2 games
  2. I’m stepping back into old franchises that stopped production in the new gen.
  3. I’m saving money by not shelling out 60 bucks for new games.

I am able to continue producing the PowerPlay series,  so in a unique twilight zone sort of way this is a blessing. I would use the PlayStation 4 but I have bigger plans for that one, I’m not a fan of PlayStation Now, and I don’t play it often due to lack of games currently.  I could take all of the PS3 stuff and trade it in for PS4 stuff but meh, not my style.

Anyways the PowerPlay returns on Sept.7th and it will be a terrific season!