The J360 PowerPlay#14: Storm the Sinclair Deluxe

Tonight’s Game: Bioshock 2

Synopsis: Picking up from where we left off in Episode 13, The battle against Grace Holloway hasn’t stopped yet. This time we’re going to take the fight to her doorstep, we’ll be battling through splicers and other creatures from the deep to sort of this misunderstand.

This is a short and sweet episode due to time constraints but we will be back to a normal set in Episode 15.

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Tonight’s show: The J360 PowerPlay

Tonight’s Game (If PowerPlay): Bioshock

Synopsis: We’re battling through the undersea world of Rapture, and trying to uncover the mysteries beneath while battling splicers, big daddies, and probably wondering where exactly this is all going to lead to and this is a Marathon run.