Song Of The Night: 06/10/21 (Jammaversary Mode!!) Tech Addiction by Zero Call

Happy Jammaversary!! We’re still celebrating the greatest music, and tonight we have a treat from a musician called Zero Call. This track is one of my favorites called “Tech Addiction” from his “Fear and Dreams of Living Machines album.

While this is my favorite track, the whole album is an instant classic and it will make you think about the future.

Zero call also has an impressive discography from his Bandcamp page, and there’s even a remix EP of Fear and Dreams of Living Machine, I still need to check out.

To Zero Call, please making these great hits brother, you’re a legend!

If you enjoy who you’re hearing tonight, feel free to check out Zero Call’s link below for more information and support.

Zero Call’s links


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Twitter: @j360productions

Email: [email protected]

Song Of The Night: 07/09/18 Monday Night Motivation

Hey J360 Legion

Another work week has landed before us but hey don’t let it get you down, it’s nothing that we cannot handle.  Remember that in the J360 Legion you’re tough as nails and stronger than steel and you have to embrace the grind to gain the results you seek.  We have to put the time in and using the playlist I found great music to help us on our way tonight.

Tonight’s song is called “Tempest Riders” by Hymne from their new album called “Victorian Age.”

Since this is Hymne’s first appearance on the J360 Song Of The Night feature, we’re going to listen to another tracks from the album called “I will write you to the Earth.”

I love the mixture that come from this person’s skill set and everything is pretty epic on the album especially with the Dark Synth/heavy metal sound.  So you should definitely check out more of Hymne’s material via bandcamp here.

Once again never give up on your goals and embrace the grind as you keep moving ahead.

Songs Of The Night: 02/01/18 Two for Thursday

Hey J360 Legion

Time to start things anew tonight being that we didn’t have entries for a few days. Thursday functions as a versitile day for us, and in terms of what the J360 playlist has found for us. Everything is well worth the wait!

The first track is called “Don’t Stop” by Index Code.

The second track is called “Endless Beach” by Arkanoid74.

Finally we’re hanging with Phaserland and his latest track called “Smolder.”

If you loved the music of each artist tonight, please check out their pages via this listing below.

  1. Index Code
  2. Arkanoid74
  3. Phaserland

It’s been a wild week however you can’t worry about the days of the past especially you’ve got much to do in the present.

Song Of The Day: 05/22/17 Monday Motivation 

Hey J360 Legion

Ready to step into the grind?

Don’t look back because there’s nothing for anymore. You have goals to achieve, dreams to build, and in some cases a new world to make. There’s no time like the present in order to make your mark and it is the right moment. All of you are capable in achieving greatness but you might need a jumpstart. So let’s fire up the J360 playlist and see what’s lit on the charts.

Today’s track is called “Ignition” by TV Players.

Fresh from their latest album called “Add fuel to the fire.”

Such a powerful song eh? Let’s go take over the world and make strong impact just like composers have. Let the power flow through your efforts.

If you love the sounds of TV Players, feel free to check out their Soundcloud here.

Monday isn’t your enemy, self-doubt, and low level thinking is. Your feelings can be strong when fueled by the positive more than the negative. So when this day rolls around focus on self-improvement instead of destruction. You are rebuilding and strengthening your empire every time.

Song Of The Day: 03/28/17 Turbo Tuesday 

Hey J360 Legion

Tuesday is finally here which isn’t saying a lot considering that it’s only the 2nd day of the grind for most people haha. It’s another day for people who didn’t fully awaken on Monday. If you did not feel your motivation guide you yesterday no worries. Sometimes we need another shot to help us achieve our goals. It is time for our adventures to clock into overtime, and begin anew. Peel yourselves off of the floor, and listen to the fire from the Song of the day.

Today’s track is called “Derail” by SVZN.

While it might not be his original intention for the depiction in this song, I see myself derailing any shortcomings in my way to create a better future.  It’s a beautiful track that resonates a lot of feels within me and I’m sure it’s giving you the same vibe.  If I had a top 10 listing for this feature, this would definitely be in the top 3.

If you love the sounds of SVZN, feel free to check out his Soundcloud page here.

Don’t let nothing stop your greatness. We have a saying in J360 Productions that says “Get Ready for Epic.” Which means under any circumstances you give your audience and naysayers one awesome performance. Something that’ll make them appreciate how awesome you are, and cause the naysayers to change their tune.  All of us in the team live by it as should our legion. The composers featured here haven’t stopped in their momentum so you never admit defeat either.

Song Of The Day: 02/21/17 Turbo Tuesday 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s time to make another day count for success is in our midst. If you didn’t make things count on Monday, don’t worry because you can start today. Tuesday should always be about stepping things up a notch. So we shall with the help of the J360 playlist and a hi-octane song or at least a strong rhythmic one. I’d say something that puts us on the path to new goal and pursuit in our lives.  The goal as always is to destroy your inhibitions and let your inspiration flow with the Song Of The Day.

Today’s track is called “Encounters” by Moskva-Kassiopeya.

I can only imagine the hours placed into the composition of this song, and the entire Encounters EP is an incredible trip through time too.

If you love the sounds of Moskva-Kassiopeya, feel free to check out their soundcloud here.

You can just feel the motivation from this song and as you do let it guide you throughout today’s adventure. Let it put you on a voyage through the universe as you handle your daily tasks.  Remember to embrace the grind as you go through it all because it’s only going to make each of us stronger.   Matter a fact I think I may go into a new dimension and cover another assignment before the night is out.  Now if you’ll excuse me Legion, the galaxy is calling and it’s time to explore the star ways.

Song Of The Night: 12/28/16 Wednesday Night Fever 

Hey J360 Legion

Been on hiatus for a few days getting everything ready for the new year regarding the series, some movies I had lying around, and of course spending time with the family but so far all is looking optimistic on the J360 Productions front.   Well they have to considering we’ve been in reconstruction for a lot of 2016 but 2017 things are going to be a bit different but I’ll detail this on an episode of the J-Man Show.

Right now however I haven’t forgotten about sharing some awesome songs to you all due to the small Christmas break.   I managed to listen to something deep into the futuristic mindset with a lot of deep thinking, and getting away from it all.  Especially as you’re surrounded by neon lights while moving about through a trip within your own mind.

Tonight’s track is called “Late Night” by Nowtro.

Since it’s my first night back, let’s go for two tonight as well especially since I can’t get enough of Nowtro’s sound.

The 2nd track of the night is  “Midnight Ride” by Nowtro.

If you love the strong vibes and rhythm from Nowtro, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

Show your love for all of the great creatives on this feature, especially when you need the groove to pull you out of your funk and into something incredible.  Let the song of the Night take you into a new adventure because the only road you can go from here is forward just like the musicians presented here tonight.   No going back, the past isn’t worth the time but the present is necessary so that the future can thrive and only we at this current level can make the future grow.  Keep pushing for greatness no matter what time of the day it is, because everything that you do is of necessity and value.


Blade Runner 2049: Teaser Trailer

Blade Runner is coming back!

After years of speculation, it is finally happening now and after much of  enduring lackluster mainstream Sci-Fi Films (Passengers, Chappie, and Jupiter Ascending), it’s great that the legendary adventure returns.  I remember the only thing we got close to a sequel was the ill-recieved yet cult status film called “Soldier” featuring Kurt Russell and Jason Scott Lee which took place in the outer territory that Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer) spoke about at the end before expiring in front of Rick Deckhard (Harrison Ford).  I wonder if all questions from the first one are to be addressed in this one but then again I hope it opens all sorts of new questions on its own.

Anyways this teaser alone spells “win” with the environment, the neon noir tones, and the new Blade Runner (Ryan Gosling) meeting up with the old Blade Runner (Harrison Ford) at Gunpoint.  Things are about to get real and I’m sold on the premise but how about all of you out there?

What are your thoughts regarding the trailer?

Blade Runner 2049 will be released in theatres on 10/7/17

Feel free to discuss it on the comments below or on our twitter:@j360productions.

Songs Of The Night: 12/15/16 Two for Thursday Night

Hey J360 Legion

I’m doing another experiment for the Song Of The Night feature on the website, I purposely skipped on the presentation for this morning. So good evening to all of you and I’m sorry for the trickery but hey at least I managed to get quite bit of things I had to do out of the way for the morning grind.   I hope your grind went as well (if not better) than mines did, and now we can just enjoy the December night along with a couple of great songs.  Some of you out there are also going into a night grind so this feature will be important for all of you as well. Keep your head up and work yourself through the grind with guts, glory and self-respect.

Our first track is “Into the Void” by Red Marker.


Our second track is  “Heroes” by Retro Thunder.

If you enjoy the sounds of Red Marker, and Retro Thunder tonight, feel free to check out their Soundcloud pages provided in the links below.

Soundcloud Links

Red Marker

Retro Thunder

Keep striving hard no matter Legion, rest for now for some of you, and the others keep making things happen you midnight warriors aren’t forgotten as we make it through these days. Always embrace the grind, keep hustling and making your marks.  Night or Day we’re all on an adventure and have a mission to accomplish.

Song Of The Day: 09/09/16 Funktastic Friday!

Hey J360 Legion

We’ve made it to another Friday, and it’s time to make things a bit funky!

(Major shout outs to Electronic Gems, and Home)

Today’s track is called “Head First” another winner from Home,  it’s an epic track that makes me think of heading into the future right now with all of my goals in check. The uptempo and the funk vibes from this song is enough to inspire me to take on the world.  I can only hope it does the same for you and the Synthwave movement is getting better every day as these creatives put their efforts into each track.

Life is a Journey and in order to make it through the obstacles and learn a lot through your trials and tribulations, you need guts, determination, and the best music to keep you pumped.

Let’s go take over the world and live it up!