J-Man’s Greatest Crossovers#2: Cult 45 Podcast#230: Friday The 13th w/ J.M.Brady

Crossover Date: 03/08/2020

It has finally come to this especially since this is my 2nd Crossover Episode in the history of J360 Productions.

You can’t think of Podcasting without hearing the name of Cult45, the Podcast that puts hair on your chest hosted by my good friends: Bemdown and Random Randy Savage. I’ve listened to their show for a long time before I started the J-Man Show in 2016. Their viewpoints on different movies is awesome to hear and I would tune in every week to see what movie they would review. Some movies would be classic hits, others would be misses, and/or terrible but hearing these guys discuss each one with their own rating systems in the mix presents an awesome show.

I figured as I would keep creating and working on J360 Radio eventually I would join B and Randy on some of their review episodes.

One day I got my chance because in February 2020, B sent me a message inviting me to the show to discuss one of the best horror films of all time: Friday the 13th! I was sold immediately, especially at the prospect of hanging with two of the coolest dudes in the podverse. So by the time March rolled around I was ready to go and what follows is one of the best episodes of all time and I actually got to help kick off their Friday the 13th marathon.

We’re all still cool with each other to this day, and they also do other projects too. Bemdown is producing his Old Man Gamer series on their twitch, and Randy is creating a feature of his own on their YouTube Channel called “Hitch Me Up.”

I highly recommend checking them out after you listen to the episode below, you won’t regret it!

What is the Cult 45 Podcast? (In their own words)

The fun really starts after the credits roll.

We are Cult 45: The Movie Podcast and we are based out of Houston, TX. We are a comedy podcast that reviews cult movies with a fresh outlook. Many of these movies range from personal favorites, to films we have never heard of. If you are in a mood to laugh, or want to relive the experience of a movie you’ve already seen, check us out. 

Main Site: Https://www.cult45podcast.com

Podbean: Https://www.cult45podcast.podbean.com

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9RVH1igdtin8BiCGlHtRLA

Cult 45 Podcast#230: Friday The 13th (1980) w/ J.M.Brady

Episode Synopsis: This week we finally have J.M. Brady from J360 Radio as a guest and FINALLY review Friday the 13th!

Cult 45 Podcast’s Social Media

Twitter: @cult45podcast


J360 Productions Social Media

Twitter: @j360productions


Song Of The Day: 07/13/18 Friday Morning Remix

Hey J360 Legion, Happy Friday the 13th

Now I’m sure some of you are probably wondering why of all days would I make this a daytime feature?

Truth is because Friday the 13th (No matter what month) is usually considered an oddball or a bad luck day depending on how superstitious or what folklore you believe in.

Since it has been awhile the daytime version is starting anew now. We’ll keep with the horror vibe by listening to some edgy suspenseful music.

Today’s track is called “Biomechanical Entity” by Starfarer.

Since it is Starfarer’s first time appearing on this feature we’ll listen to one more song from his line-up.  The next track is called “L.A. Invasion.”

So far these two tracks are from the only album that Starfarer has made so far from his self-titled debut, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he does next.  If you all feel the same way feel free to show your support by following his page here.

Song Of The Night: 01/13/17 Friday Night Darkness

Hey J360 Legion


Don your hockey masks, and get ready to go camping because it is Friday the 13th. In honor of the famed movie franchise we’re going to step into some Dark Synthwave. On this very day a young deformed child drowned in Crystal Lake due to the oversight of promiscuously ignorant counselors. Only to be avenged by the knife-wielding rage of his mother until she too was beheaded by a defensive counselor. Unfortunately Jason didn’t die that day and due to the death of his mother he decided to carry the hilt of a machete and continue on the legacy as both a deformed man (part 2-4) and an undead creature (Part 6 – current).

Despite the bloodshed, the story of the Voorhees is a tragic one at best because although both of them are monsters there was that devotion between them that drives both of their revenge plots and basically I don’t give a damn about the Victims involved.  I love these two monsters because it will show how far blood runs deep and should you cross them or their territory (Camp Crystal Lake), yours will hit the soil if you don’t run or do something smart to defend yourself… So let’s look into the playlist to see what horror elements the composers have brought to light.

The First Track is called “Murder Club” by DreamReaper.

The 2nd Track is called “When Darkness is Shining” by Darkshine

The 3rd Track is called “Searching for an exit” by Dark Circuitry

If you love the sounds presented in this article tonight, feel free to check out each composer’s Soundcloud provided in the links below.

Soundcloud Links



Dark Circuitry

Each composer has their own unique style in presenting the horror atmosphere don’t they? So we’ll just have to watch out for every corner surrounding us tonight to be wary of the creeps nearby eh?  Keep living it up J360 Legion and always be pushing yourselves to do more when it comes to creating and composing.  So you can be just like the ones featured in this article and if you are doing a Friday the 13th Marathon tonight, make sure you lock the doors, it won’t help you in the long run against Jason but at least you a few seconds of life to live as you’re running for dear life (and that won’t save you either).