Song of the Day: 08/29/16 Monday Motivation!

Wake up, it’s time to grind, we’ve got some goals to reach for starting today and laying in bed isn’t going to make it happen.

Today’s song is going to remind you of how awesome you are.

“You’re the best around!”

“Nothing’s ever gonna break you down! ”

Created by Joe Esposito

Song of the Day: 08/11/16 Thursday Takedown

Thursday doesn’t know what’s coming for it, because we’re still handling our goals and reconstruction while you guys out there are taking care of business.

We all have problems to solve and achievements to make right?

Well today is the day!! Mama said knock you out!

Let’s knock out Thursday in a big way, we’re only one day from Friday so let’s make it count.

Stay in step, arms up and elbows in because we’re in it to win.

Song of the Day: 08/10/16

“The rule of the clown is simple, and the show must go on as always.”

Sometimes the road to fulfillment can get brutal and there are times when pursuing your dreams and goals can get horrendous and hazardous.   You’ve gotta perserve regardless because it shows how strong-willed you are.

Today’s song of the day is for those who have to be resilient no matter what is given by the Hollies in their song “Clown.”

Now go handle your business, the show’s gotta go on!


Song of the Day: 8/08/16 (Motivation Monday)

We get it, the weekend is over but the grind never stops, so quit hating on Monday.

Monday Motivation happens when you wake up, and it really kick starts when you have the right song, so let’s do it in a big way with this hit from Paul Stanley of Kiss.

Let’s dominate this week one day at a time, and live to win.