The J-Man Show#298: Strange Week Eh?

J-Man talks about this past week’s schedule, the new loneliness epidemic, and how society doesn’t really care while at the same time working on something big in June.

Loneliness Article:

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The J-Man Show#33: Reset Mode (Black Label/Explicit)

After a blackout (hardware failure)happened in J360 Productions, J managed to restore the J-Man Show and the other programs to compile a new impromptu J-Man Episode for all of you. Taking cues from the latest news, issues that happened in society, and the arrival of the solar eclipse things J takes the time to discuss what the J-Man Show is about, why he doesn’t mind talking Politics, Religion, and what Incompetence inc has done now, an argument with an old friend, and why he doesn’t mind standing alone in the face of adversity while speaking how unity is the end game while we have other issues to get over first.

Production Notes: The following is a black label J-Man Episode and features a lot of topics, terms, and events that might not be too comfortable with everyone.

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