J360 Jams#61: Another Fantastic Voyage

It’s time for another round of Jams and this particular episode is stacked to the brim with excellent music from various members of the Jam Fam and beyond. Complete with worldwide talent and J-Man leading the pack this is going to be one beautiful voyage.

If you like who you’re listening to tonight, feel free to check out the artists via the links under their names and of course keep listening to J360 Radio.

Featuring music by Sazer, Dimi Kaye, Neaon, Isidor, Moosifer, Odder, Neon Sweatsuit, ZXSP, Predator Technique, Adam Ford, Marina Anselmo, Claudia Blackstar, Elegize, Firkenstein, Summer of Moons, Outshift, Turbo Hamster, Neon Black Dreams, and Spaceforce.

Dimi KayeOn The Dance Floor
Dimi KayeDisco 21
NeaonDream Of Return
NeaonSmoke and Shattered Windows
IsidorDare Dynamo
IsidorLove To Fight
MoosiferLow (Aka Frankenshit v6)
ZXSP feat. Rob MooreUbertaken
ZXSPProduction Line
Neon SweatsuitPixels Plenty
Neon SweatsuitThe Haunting of Spooky Manor
Predator TechniqueNostalgia
Predator TechniqueTokyo Nights
Adam FordYokohama – Lost Memories
Adam FordShibuya – Night Drive
Marina AnselmoCoitus
Marina AnselmoFern
Claudia BlackstarUpside Down
Elegize feat. Claudia BlackstarShattered
FirkensteinHunger You Can Never Sate
FirkensteinTied Together by Time and Fear
Summer Of MoonsNeon Waves
Summer Of MoonsDon’t Go
The Safety Word (Outshift Remix)Cocoon
The Safety Word (Outshift Remix)Vanity Life
Turbo Hamster Moonshadow
Turbo HamsterThe Vengeful Devourer
Neon Black DreamsEternity
Neon Black DreamsRun
SpaceforceSpace Tourist Second Flight
SpaceforceBeautiful Escape (EOY Event)

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Song Of The Day: 01/06/23

Hey J360 Legion

This week went by quick but I’m not complaining at all, it’s Friday and Friday belongs to Jams. Tonight will be all about partying and listening to the best music ever created worldwide from phenomenal people.

Not to mention Jams#60 will be the first Jams of 2023, and we couldn’t be more excited for it to land at 10:00 p.m. EST via here.

Just to get you excited for the show and set your momentum for the day. It is time to roll out the morning track or the Song of The Day.

Today’s track is called “Synthetic Dreams” by Montse Torres.  

Song Of The Day will exist throughout the week whereas Song Of The Night will exist throughout the weekend and both are exclusive to the J360 Productions website.

If you like Montse’s grooves, check out her page here

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The J-Man Show#262: Top 15 Jammaversary Countdown 3X

It’s time for another Top 15 Countdown for Jammaversary Month, and J-Man is ready to lead the pack. We have a good mix of old and new songs alike from the Jam Fam and it’s going to be one hell of a party to get you ready for the grand arrival of J360 Jams#49.

Come listen, laugh and have a great time.

If you like who you’re hearing tonight, feel free to click the artist’s name to see their work.


Mike TemplerInner Enemy (Bruce Lee Version)
Myths and MonstersEngines of Abundance
Captain Ghostnote & Adri VinchiraNota Fantasma
Sandor GavinDeja Vu
ScarletWhat it’s like to be a beast
SpaceforceRecord Of A Spaceborn
Summer Of MoonsPlayland
Thread MillShadows
Vic KrugerTomb Of The Pharoah
CyberwalkerUnknown Memories
Elevate The Sky & Star MadmanClose To You
MeteorWhat’s Left of Me

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The J-Man Show#261: Top 15 Jammaversary Mash Up!!

Riding into the 2nd Week of Jammaversary, J-Man presents another sweet mix of songs featuring the Jam Fam doing what they do best, making dope music! Lots of these songs are instant classics from Jams History being rediscovered while others are preparing for the upcoming arrival of Jams#48.

If you like who you’re hearing tonight, check out the link under the Artist’s names and give them that full support if you can.


Rose ThalerSelf Control
ZXSP ft. MeglamodasKnochen
Neaon Storm Racer
Iyes KeenVenom (Stuck In Space Version)
Blastpast Casa Cristo
Washed IncRed Eye
Maestro EternalChildren Of The Night
Night Rider 87Team
Thread MillShadows
MeteorDark Side Of The Sun
Ash Electric Voices
JeffBNostalgia Myalgia
WarpSektorIt Is What it Is

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J360 Jams#41: Valentines Voyage

On the eve of another holiday comes a brand new episode of J360 Jams. This week the J-Man and the Jam Fam travel the galaxy of Valentines with over 40 tracks depicting some of the best vibes and sounds across the universe.

Should be an incredible epic and as usual they will celebrate the holiday in their own unorthodox unique style.

If you like who you’re listening to tonight, feel free to check out the link by clicking their names.

Bunny XYoung & In Love
Bunny XWho Cares What they Say
Liquid ModernLack Of Access
Liquid ModernThe Night Begins To Shine
Captain Ghostnote & StarshipheadSupamoist
Captain Ghostnote & Adri VinchiraNotaFantasma
Oceanside85Sugar N Spice
Iyes KeenHalo
Iyes KeenMoloch
Ex-HyenaNightmare Pills (Jackson VanHorn Remix)
Ex-HyenaCapture The Stills
NeaonOur Own World
Kebu /Amethyst RainSuper Troopers (Amethyst Rain Remix)
Alvin EightiesRebuilding Eternia
Alvin EightiesTime To Leave Earth
FirkensteinBetter Than Oxygen
FirkensteinGo Somewhere We Shouldn’t Go
YuKnoWattBehind The Mask
Jonny FalloutSlow Burn
Jonny FalloutIn The Midnight Air (Neon Lights)
Turbo HamsterSynchronize
Turbo HamsterNemesis
GrandBlasterBlack One Piece
GrandBlasterThe Razor’s Edge
Dream DroidAxiom Alliance
Dream DroidValor Force
Russell NashInfiltration
Russell NashDo Or Die
Ardenite Frozen Heart
ArdeniteEnd Of The World
AerowolfVoid Walker
Midnight VoidVoidnaut
Midnight VoidHeadhunter
Night Rider 87Among The Stars
Night Rider 87Digital Battleground
VVMPYRE ft. Caitlin StokesOffering
VVMPYRE ft. MaverickYour Last Kiss
Star MadmanGoddess Of The Sea
Star MadmanSlowly
WarpsektorFuture D’Jank
WarpsektorNuns Don’t Work on Sunday
The Last Days Of NovemberLast Time
The Last Days Of NovemberDust In Slow Motion

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The J-Man Show#209: Jams History II (Jammaversary Month)

Picking up from where Ep#208 left off, this time J-Man decides to showcase others in the Jam Fam that have been there for a long time, attempting to bring the replay and spotlight around full circle.

With the exception of one, almost everyone here tonight is from the earlier days of J360 Jams before it’s complete transformation before what it is now.

So what better way to showcase them other then presenting them on the show that started it all! The J-Man Show in Jammaversary Mode!


Adam Ford ft. IdeonTokyo City Lights
Neon SweatsuitSweaty Pants, Sweaty Dance
MoonmournerWar Machine
The RezonatorShadow Bender
MikeXFMThe Prisma Advent
Dimi KayePedal to The Metal
Driver86 ft. Oceanside85Not Like Us
Espen KraftHot Pursuit
Night Rider 87Galactic Realms
Gabriela MarciaPyramid
Lavallette ft. Sophia SorrentinoWasted Love
Elevate The Sky Anthem (Hear The Voice)
Chasing NeptuneRed Fire
Synthwave JunkieHighway Chase
Future HolotapeIndoctrinated
Void StareCyberbrain Violation
Cassetter ft. MaxthorTill The End
Rat King Heavy Headed

if you love what you’re hearing tonight, please check out each artists via the link by clicking their names!

A special shoutout and a thank you to everyone involved, you guys are great. Please keep making music.

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J360 Jams#25: Summer Wave Celebration!

Here We are, we’re crossing the quarter mile, entering summer season, and this is all happening during the Anniversary Party of the cosmos. We’re celebrating J360 Jams in style with this extra special Jammaversary episode edition of J360 Jams#25.

The playlist is stacked with incredible individuals that are excited to share their art with you so let’s make it happen! The Party Of All Parties is back!!

If you like whom you’re listening to tonight, please check out their links under the names below and support indie music!


Neon SweatsuitFuzz in my pocket
Neon SweatsuitSax Maniac!
WovesSo used to heartbreak
Decisive Koala & Star MadmanFuture Roads
Star MadmanThe Channel
Resin Sun Sinking So Fast
Resin SunGlow
Thread MillHaze
Thread MillWalls
SpaceForceSpace Tourist
SpaceForceZero Gravity
Dark83Headless Children
Celestial Molliwop ft.Dark83Mass Acceleration
Celestial MolliwopBoots N Pants (Vocal Mix)
Captain Ghostnote ft. XandergeeG-Force
Captain Ghostnote ft. XandergeeShimmer
Ankh WaveCyber Apocalypse
Ankh WaveSpinning in the sky
DreddbeatSomebody Else
DreddbeatSummer Vices
FirkensteinCarpet Crumbs
FirkensteinHunting at Night
The ForgottenAKIRA
The Forgotten & Tokyo RoseFeel New
ZXSP ft. Corrupted MachinesConspiracy
Vincenzo SalviaTravel Generator
Vincenzo SalviaSouvenir
Acid ArcadeDystopia
Acid ArcadeShadowtopia
Summer SleepPlease Stop Taking Away Things I love
Summer Sleep The Ocean Never Ends
Etherdrive & Thread Mill130 MPH

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Song Of The Day:09/28/16 Wild Swing Wednesday 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s a new day in the middle of the week, I hope all of you are bridging gaps and achieving goals for yourselves.

If not, don’t worry, it’s time for a song of the day and I think you need something swinging to pull you out of your funk.

I’ve managed to hear plenty of great tunes so far this week but only one can make the cut for today, so let’s see who it is?

Today’s track is called  Gangsterlove (Shiny Mob Remix) created by Alice Francis.

If you’d like to hear more of her work, check out her soundcloud via this  link.

Never stop grinding and keep pushing yourself further to achieving your goals.

Songs Of The Day: 09/24/16 Saturday Shuffle 

Hey J360 Legion

The weekend is here, and it is time for another song of the day. We’ve much to accomplish today, and it is important to have an epic playlist to back you up.

Today’s tracks have the perfect rifts, and rhythms to make the right atmosphere, and the first one is called “Bloom” by Soto.

Followed by the smooth sounds of “Foreign Exchange” by  Globuldub

Both of these tracks are shared courtesy of Electronic Gems, a website filled with different electronica, synthwave, and experimental artists.  The great futuristic artists on there never stop creating some astounding mixes and we should never stop doing the same in pursuing our goals.

let’s make a difference today!

Song of the Day: 09/23/16 Fortune Friday

Hey J360 Legion!

It’s officially the fall season now, and today is all about being on the hunt for new fortunes. Since today is Friday, the playlist has never been better as I’ve got a splendid track to share with you all today courtesy of Electronic Gems.

This is a smooth track called “Voyage” created by Capo Blanco, and since we’re all always on adventure, it’s perfect for the mood today.

If you enjoy this track, feel free to check out more of Capo Blanco’s work via soundcloud.

Go out there and bring home a win!