The J360 MiniBytes#145: MonsterFest 22 is Coming

It’s almost time for the 2022 J360 Monster Fest, so J-Man is recapping what happened this past week and where we’re going so far to prep for the biggest J360 Event. He will also discuss Jams#53 and provide a call to action for all Musicians that want to take part in it, along with special projects taking place in the Monster Fest as well cause it’s not just J360 Radio this time.

J360TV will also be playing a role as well.

For Jams Submission Rules check here:

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New Event: Jammaversary 2022

It’s that time of the year again, at least 30 days of music!!

Jammaversary is one of J360 Productions’ Top Events.

It recognizes and celebrates the production and growth of J360 Jams. Featuring excellent music from the Jam Fam and comical insight from J-Man, this show grow from a spinoff to a grand series.

The party of all parties began in the month of June, and by reaching the 2nd year of production we’re presenting milestones, memories, and music throughout the whole month. We’re brining 10 15 countdowns from the J-Man Show, Spotify playlists curated by J-Man himself and ending the 2nd season strong with Jams episodes 48-50.

Support the event by following along with shows/episodes marked by the terms “Jammaversary Month” across all of J360 Productions.

Come for the ceremonies and enjoy the music but remember Fridays Belong to Jams.

The J360 PowerPlay#31: Samurai DemonSlayer Pt.3

J-Man finishes up the last part of Onimusha Warlords. This time taking Kaede and Saminosuke straight into the heart of the evil Keep to do battle with the King Of Demons.

However J-Man decides to train Saminosuke by taking him to the Dark Realm Arena to gather more souls.

Hilarity ensues in this one.

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Friday Feedback Event happening this week!

We have something big happening this week for all who interact with our series. We’re going to play back your vms and read your emails on special Friday format.

This could lead to something excellent, all we ask is that you keep it clean in context, and the deadline is Thursdays at 8pm est for consideration.

The first Friday Feedback happens at 7pm this week.