J360 Jams#65: Super Emerald Mix

Top o the mornin or in this case evenin as Friday Belongs to Jams once again!

J-Man is bringing the band together for at least 32 awesome tracks. We’re being very festive for the evening as the green is adorn all throughout J360 Productions and we’re going to party it up and play it loud.

The bands are epic tonight, and so is J-Man’s razor sharp commentary!

This will be a Super Exciting Jams Fest!

Featuring music by: Aeroviper, Bunny X, Louvers, Car Machines, Precog Zero, Neaon, LXNR & Kawakuro, Aerowolf, Nakatomi Freefall, Elegize, Claudia Blackstar, Firkenstein, Mind Enemies, Marina Anselmo, Predator Technique, Toxxic Project, Electron Odyssey, and Megan McDuffee

AeroviperThe Gates to Paradise
AeroviperSky Temple
Bunny X w/ Sellorekt LA DreamsBreaking Away
Bunny XThe Forever War
Rogue FXAmerican Dream
Rogue FXFilofax (House Mix)
LouversBreaking Night (Lights In The Sky)
LouversOff In The Field
NeaonLights On The Highway
NeaonGave it All
Car MachinesReboot
Car MachinesLights In The Sky
Precog ZeroIn The Halls of Belasco House
Precog ZeroAn Occult Theory
LXNR & KawakuroSteprider
LXNR & KawakuroRazor
Nakatomi Freefall Feat. Claudia BlackstarDevil’s Night
Elegize feat. Claudia BlackstarShattered
FirkensteinWho Decides Reason
FirkensteinCrude Control
Mind EnemiesInto the Storm
Mind EnemiesDarkness
Marina AnselmoArp
Marina AnselmosonnetFalls
Predator TechniqueNostalgia
Predator TechniqueRevival
Toxxic ProjectSentinels
Toxxic ProjectDark Connection
Electron Odyssey feat. Megan McDuffeeThe Endless Shore
Electron OdysseyTo The Far Side

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The J-Man Show#65: Dem Tapes Tho…

This week J goes back into battle with Incompetence Inc, and tries to speak about why you should try to gain as much information as possible. For there are plenty of people who are doing what they can to stifle and silence their critics. Unfortunately there’s too much going on so he will have to pick his battles with this one and in imitating Trump, you may hear a temporary illness.

You have a responsibility to the media you consume, just as we do performing and creating for you all.

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