J360 Jams#63: Short and Sweet Symphony II

It’s that time again, another Friday, another Jams and this time J-Man is bringing the band together for at least 24 awesome tracks. It’s Short and Sweet but no worries the grooves will leave an outstanding impact along with J-Man’s comedy.

Featuring music by: Turbo Hamster, WashedInc, Firkenstein, Claudia Blackstar, Elegize, Drop Beat Empire, Valkira Synth, Marina Anselmo, Goudzoker, Michael Oakley, Mind Enemies, Lowdy Trail, Pat Anthony, DJ Trillz, and Ardenite.

Turbo HamsterNameless Being
Turbo HamsterAltered Mind
Washed IncUndertow
Washed IncWelcome to Heartbreak (Cover)
FirkensteinAction Without Friction
FirkensteinWhen we first kissed
Claudia BlackstarFrom Shadows
Elegize Feat Claudia BlackstarShattered
Valkiria Synth Feat. Drop Beat EmpireEntity
Drop Beat EmpireRight or Wrong
Marina AnselmoArp
Marina AnselmoLinen
Michael Oakley Rabbit In The Headlights
Michael OakleyIs There Anybody Out There (Jon Campbell Radio Edit)
Mind EnemiesInto The Storm
Mind EnemiesMy Time Gone
Lowdy TrailFinesse
Lowdy Trail ft. Pat AnthonyDazed
JD TrillzEccentric (Misa)
JD TrillzRare Stoner Muzik
ArdeniteYou’re so Dumb
ArdeniteDon’t wanna be friends

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The J-Man Show Double Special (07/27/18)

This is a Double Special presentation of The J-Man Show from J360 Radio, showcasing two episodes that were produced in the same week.

The J-Man Show Ep.62: Atonement for Passing Days

J looks into James Gunn’s Firing by Disney and also looks at how the punishing of people can go from justified to petty. He will also explain why you need to confront issues with your past head on instead of being passive-aggressive, and explain why other people tend to revel in exploiting horrible things from your past.

The J-Man Show Ep.63: New Era Reboots (and Sequels too)

Picking up on the 2nd half of the Double Special, J discusses New Era Reboots like Rise of the TMNT, The Predator, and new Sequels such as RoboCop Returns, Terminator 6, and how we often tend to hate but need to learn to accept them a little.


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