J360 Jams#35: Mad Monster Mash

Welcome back to another supernatural J360 Jams episode celebrating the last week of the Monster Fest.  The Jam Fam and I are pulling no punches again as finish off the fest in style with at least 40 tracks of excellent music from across the airwaves.   There will also be some wild stories and horror facts to help accompany tonight’s performances and dare I say you might find the festivities to be wild and wicked.

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Ft.music from Terrordyne, Jonny Fallout, Acid Arcade, ZXSP, Firkenstein, LV380, Dark83,Final Shift, Maestro Eternal, Nargathrond, Nanoverse, Star Madman, Denial Waits, Rose Thaler, Neon Sweatsuit, YuKnoWatt, Warpsketor, Midnight Void, SpaceForce, Ankhwave, Survey Channel, and Electric Sol.

If you love who you’re hearing tonight, feel free to show your support by checking out their by clicking their name.

Jonny FalloutHypnotized
Jonny FalloutForever
Acid ArcadeMind Control
Acid ArcadeStay Home
ZXSPThe Deep
ZXSPShadow Vision
FirkensteinHunting at Night
FirkensteinDeath is not the greatest loss
LV-380Termination Shock
LV-380The Parasite
Dark83Super Neurotic
Dark83Night Time Occupation
Final ShiftThe Corrupted Advance
Final ShiftSomebody’s watching me
Maestro EternalChildren Of The Night
Maestro EternalNail In The Coffin
Nargathrond ft. Johnny DeathShadowPoison In The Heart
Rose ThalerBlood For Blood
Rose ThalerFirmament
Neon SweatsuitBloody Thunder
Neon SweatsuitRemember Me
YuKnoWatt ft. Thread MillLuxure
YuKnoWattViolent Shadows
WarpsketorPhantom Code
WarpsketorOccams Ripper
Midnight VoidTheme for a killteam
Midnight VoidNightride
Scarless Arms and Star MadmanEndlich (Dead End and Beyond Version)
Denial WaitsAshtray
Ankh WaveDance Of The Night Creatures
Ankh WaveJust Love Me
SpaceForce and Survey ChannelSpace Tourist (Survey Channel Remix)
SpaceForceSpace Tourist Second Flight
Electric SolCity Tonight
Electric SolLet The Music In

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The J-Man Show Double Special is here! 

This collection includes Episode 35, and 36 of The J-Man Show in a complete package.

The J-Man Show#35: Retrogaming with NFG

Synopsis: This week as part of a J-Man Double Special, J takes a look into the Jemele Hill debacle facing Donald Trump and decides to venture into retrogaming while designing the new PowerPlay Reboot. He begins to look into a favorite pro wrestling game of his while discussing fond memories of the legendary gaming companies: SNK and Capcom.

Plenty of reminiscing is happening in this episode, so you won’t want to miss out.

The J-Man Show#36: Contemplative Indignation

Synopsis: While re-recording Episode 36 for the Double Special, J looks into an incident from Instagram live and begins to think about Society’s first world problems. He begins to look at how hypersensitive people can be when it comes to nice compliments, and sees how a certain 3rd wave movement while intended for good is causing a lot of problems.

Is feminism dividing us in a time when the world needs more healing? Why are so many people angry? and is there an endgame to all of this infighting happening within our citizens?

Find out in Episode 36, and this is the conclusion to the J-Man Double Special.

Production Notes: This is a black label episode, and does discuss topics considered mature and political in its nature.