Song Of The Day : 04/04/17 Turbo Tuesday Motivation

Hey J360 Legion

Song of the Day is back with a new format, and it will work in shifts with Song Of The Night. It will transfer between the two styles every Friday. Since I was a bit mixed up about Friday’s theme when starting this feature, so we’re going to put everything into action starting today.

I hope you all are putting your efforts in, and achieving your goals. Sometimes you have to reset, and give things another shot but never cave in. This is what Tuesday is all about, to dust off, and try again. I know today’s song captures that essence entirely. While we may have some difficult times ahead, it’s not impossible to look towards the positives that we can make in the future by doing little changes in the present.

Today’s song is called “2020” by Z6B3R.

If you love the sounds of Z6B3R ,feel free to check out his Soundcloud page here.

Never let anyone or anything stop you no matter what age, color, or size you are.

Shatter all inhibitions, and fight for your place in the world.

Song Of The Day: 03/27/17 Monday Motivation  

Hey J360 Legion

It’s time to get everything running up to speed with the return of SOTD feature. Some of you need inspiration to ignite your spirits as you attend the grind. I think this composer may have hit the right notes for all of us. What better day to start again than Monday right?  So no delays, let’s rise from the ashes and take acton to make the day count.  No hating on the momentum and take the time to make moves and remember that your dreams can be reality if you chase them.

Today’s track is called “Awaken” by Juno Dreams.

If you love the sounds of Juno Dreams, please check out their Soundcloud page here.

Don’t show any regrets or mercy as you give the grind its time.

Embrace, and stay focus on your needs instead of selfish wants.

Songs Of The Day: 03/16/17 Two for Thursday 

Hey J360 Legion

“Happy Stone Cold Day, If you’re about Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Attitude era.”

“Give me a hell yeah!”

Heh I had to do that for a little bit after all it is 3/16 and it is also Thursday so that means we’re going to have double the fun like we did yesterday regarding the morning playlist.  It’s time to make things happen again and take advantage of the adventure ahead.   While we usually share two songs from multiple artists for this entry. Today we’re focusing the spotlight on two tracks from one composer.  His name is Simon Jones and He’s created some great material over the years I think you’ll love.  So buckle up we’re blasting off into the Synthwave sub-genre called Space Rock.

The first track is called “White Space” by Simon Jones Music.

Since we’re currently in orbit we’re going to venture through the galaxy with a 2nd track from Mr Jones before we have to return to the grind.

The 2nd track is called “Rush into the Red” by Simon Jones Music.

Actually why stop at two tracks since we have to return to Earth?

Why not listen to another track to bring some additional excitement to our day?

The third track is called “Elements” by Simon Jones Music.

If you love the sounds from Simon Jones, feel free to check out his Soundcloud page here.

Remember only you can make the changes necessary to make your dreams into reality.  Nothing can stop you in your motivation or elevation but your thoughts and the best music we can hear each morning or so can inspire us to take chances and create great material.  Everything you do is all about planning and drive, sure you’ll stumble along the way but if you maintain, you’ll eventually find your stable ground and make a difference. Everything you do will be leading to a great end result so never doubt yourself as you go to the grind, embrace and fight on.

Song Of The Night: 03/07/17 Turbo Tuesday 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s time for another trip to the night shift so we can handle some much needed developments. Right now we’ll need some music to help get the night shift started and if you haven’t made moves yet now is a good time to do it. I hope you all have made your endeavors count today. If not well maybe tonight’s song will inspire you. Whether day or night it is still Turbo Tuesday and you have to kick things into overdrive to make some stunning results.

We’ll be looking at youtube remixes, and this particular artist did a fantastic job with the Game Of Death theme from the Bruce Lee movie of the same name.

So tonight’s track is called “The Game Of Death” by John Barry (Styzmask Remix).

RIP to the great composer, John Barry who originally wrote this song and shout outs for Styzmask for creating this rendition of a classic theme, and he has plenty more from his YouTube channel for you all to check out here.

Don’t let anything stop your elevation, and keep pursuing your goals no matter what just like the featured composers.  There’s a will and a way to make everything possible.



Song Of The Day: 03/06/17 Monday Motivation 

Hey J360 Legion

We’re going back on the AM Shift this week. A little alternating never hurts, and since today is the start of a new grind week. The best way to begin is in the morning or whenever the rest of you awaken with a great track. Don’t waste time groaning and longing for a weekend that passed you by. Let your desires push you forward through the grind, and if you have doubts on this then luckily the J360 playlist has the right song for you. We’ve got goals to achieve and only we have the means to do it, so let’s fire up the music.

Today’s track is called “Pursuit” by Shyguys

If you love the sounds of Shyguys, feel free to check out their Soundcloud here.

Let this music propel you into action, I feel as though I can knock a dozen screenplays in one sitting. Never delay in anything you’re pursuing keep it written down and focused in your mind as you go through your tasks. We’re all on a limited basis when it comes to time. When we start, how far we travel, and where we end up. Start fresh today by taking advantage of what is offered or plan seeds in motion for things to hit their stride in the future. What you will do today can and will pay off tomorrow.

Song Of The Night: 03/04/17 Saturday Night Swingin 

Hey J360 Legion

I know I’m supposed to be a small break from production duties but I couldn’t leave you guys without sharing a Song of The Night for you all to chill out too.  Tonight’s song may not fit the Saturday night swingin title entirely  but it is worthy of being on this musical feature.  It’s a relaxing song for those chilling night vibes you may need when you’re deciding your next adventure.  We’re always on a state of evolution no matter how many times other people try to say otherwise and sometimes music is the key to that growth. I’ve much to do in one lifetime but I know I’m getting closer whenever I’m putting effort into the grind.  You should think about it whenever you feel as though the grind isn’t worth the gamble.  It’s all worth it as it’s leading you into doing different things and showing you different directions.

Let tonight’s track take you on that reflective journey.

This song is called “Transmissions” by The TCR, and it comes from his new 2017 EP of the same name.

If you love the vibes from The TCR, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

Never doubt yourself in anything you do, always keep learning and moving forward in your efforts.  It’s always about being consistent and staying focus in anything you do so maintain your momentum because everyday is always a new adventure.  We can make this happen and in the end it’s all up to us so carry the right mindset.   Now I’m going back onto my break so you all take it easy because next week is going to be another path to walk.



Song Of The Night: 03/03/17 Friday Night Fever 

Hey J360 Legion

And a special hello to those who are currently at the movie theatres watching Logan, Kong Skull Island, or both.

It’s time to chill out for the night and listen to what the Song of the Night has in store for all of us. Since it’s Friday night I would say a great adventurous track would be incredible for the activities tonight.  Something that can help people party up and inspire some of our night shift friends out there to embrace the grind as well.  So let’s see what the J360 Playlist has in store for all of us this evening.

Tonight’s song is called “Journey” by Shyguys

Great music from two happening dudes in Sweden, and they have plenty more great tracks as well, so if you love the sounds from this track feel free to check out their Soundcloud page here.

Whether you’re hanging out the movies, working at your job, or handling a little bit of both just remember that you’re always on an adventure. Never complain and try to enjoy your efforts on the grind because it’s all leading to somewhere great.   You just have to believe in what you’re trying to achieve every time as you push yourself.  Some of you are also staying in playing the new Nintendo Switch too haha but hey it’s Friday Night so whatever you’re doing, do it well and take it easy Legion.

Because tomorrow is another adventure just waiting to be experienced.

Songs Of The Night: 03/02/17 Two for Thursday 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s that special time of the week with a double impact of songs. Some people don’t tend to give Thursdays much love due to it being a day away from Friday and every one knows why Friday is excellent. Not in this company because we’re all about using and living each day to the fullest. Thursday is all about the double track special which can lead to 3, and more considering whose been releasing some epic tracks lately. This special event stretches into the PM shift as well because deep tones and dark synthwave need love too. So if you’re a musician out there that needs that extra push, feel free to email us at [email protected].

So without any further delays let’s bring on the two songs of the night.

Tonight’s 1st track is called “Bodyglove”by Nightboat.

I love those jazzy vibes from this track, and Nightboat has plenty more from where that came from so you can hear that chill vibe.

Our 2nd track is called”Without You” by Sunglasses Kid feat. JJ Mist.

Such a beautiful uplifting song from Sunglasses Kid, and I can’t get enough of JJ Mist’s vocals.

If you love the sounds from all of the composers tonight, feel free to check out their Soundcloud pages via the links listed below.

  1. Nightboat
  2. Sunglasses Kid
  3. JJ Mist 

It’s been a busy day here at J360 Productions but that’s why it’s so much fun when you have to burn the night oil to still get things done.  If you’re like me at least we can always listen to the Song of The Night to keep the motivation running strong as I’m finishing up the projects I have laying around here.   Not too mention getting the inspiration for new ones to keep the workflow running strong.   Always embrace your grind and keep making results instead of excuses J360 Legion.  Since I’ll be on the PM Shift for the rest of this week we’ll be coming at you again with another SOTN tomorrow night.

Song Of The Night: 03/01/17 Wildcard Wednesday 

Hey J360 Legion

Happy 1st of March!

Since I’ve been on the PM Shift for some time I’m moving the whole feature to it for this week. Tonight is about being random and anything can happen in the middle of the week.  So the J360 Playlist is set to random to just remix and whatever song will appear on the line-up is our Song of The Night.   I think there’s something to bring the grooves and amazing vibes for the night.  Will it be jazzy, rock, synth or club mix? Who knows but we’re going to present it right now.

Tonight’s song is called “Forward Media” by Pumping Body.

If you love the sounds of Pumping Body, please check out their Soundcloud here.

This is a pretty good group to look into throughout the production of this feature.

I know some of you are out there getting prepared for tomorrow while a lot of you are working the night shift right now just like how I am.  Never lose faith in your process, cause as humans sometimes we lose sight of what we need to do by replacing it with what we want to do, and that’s where we can get trapped up in our progress.  What you need to do will never be the same as what you want to do so you have to keep putting your needs first and satisfy your wants when you finish your tasks.   Keep embracing the grind everybody and if you ever have any doubt replay these songs that are shared with you and keep your fire lit.

Song Of The Night: 02/28/17 Turbo Tuesday Night

Hey J360 Legion

It’s time for another night shift favorite but I don’t mind being on this side of things because there’s always time for self-improvement and it is much more rewarding when you do it for yourself.   If Yesterday didn’t go in your favor then that’s why you have a day like Tuesday for that second attempt to make everything better.  It isn’t over until you say it is and since no one in this legion are quitters we’re going to have a Song of The Night to help us get through these obstacles in our path.  Our new adventure begins now and there’s nothing like using the present to be able to solve most of life’s problems.  You don’t want to bother the future with the present’s problems, and you don’t need to bog down your present by worrying about things in your past.  I know it’s usually the overdrive day but we’re going to be progressing on a different tempo yet igniting the fire inside.

Tonight’s song is called “No Way Back Up.” by Nigel Good feat. Illuminor.

If you love the sounds of the composers, feel free to check out their soundcloud links via the list below.

  1. Nigel Good
  2. Illuminor

Never drone on about days gone by just keep moving onwards to the next adventure before that passes you by as well.   Keep fighting for your place in the world no matter what anyone says or how the world tries to pull you down. Use that strength inside to keep you going so that you can fight for another goal on a new day.