Song Of The Day: 11/23/16 Wild Wednesday 

Hey J360 Legion

T’was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and I just want to let you all know that I’m going on vacation for a bit but we will have something awesome to enjoy for today.  Since it’s Wildcard Wednesday we’re going to randomly select an artist that could bring some new grooves. If you are working for the holidays this coming week I want to say, hang tough and do the best you can to make time for today. Keep some food on hand or do what you can to reach out to your family and spend time with them either today, Black Friday or this weekend.   Don’t let your obligations stop you from attempting to celebrate. While some of these places are unreasonable, you guys are heroes for going out there and working on your grind during a day that should be all about family.

That sacrifice deserves nothing less than respect.

So let’s find something in the line-up to give you that energy to keep going, and I think I know the right artist for today.

Today’s track is called “Lose It”  by Alexsia, this lady has incredible vocals and her song is very catchy.

If you love the sounds of Alexsia, feel free to hear more from her Soundcloud here.

She’s out there striving for her dreams, and no matter how things go remember that you can all achieve the same as well by keeping your mindset sharp.   Sometimes the holidays can be a rough time for plenty of people out there like the Unemployed, The Seasonal workers, or anyone who is unappreciated at work.  Don’t focus on the negative aspects just lose it and focus on the music like Alexsia said and keep working on improving yourselves.  You do matter, and if you remember that, you can always push yourself to get things done as long as you don’t give into the selfish natures that exist throughout the world. You will all be challenged but that’s part of the grind and it’s all about embracing and moving forward.  As long as you’re prepared than the holiday season won’t bother you as much, stay strong and have a good Thanksgiving.

Song Of The Day: 11/18/16 Friday Remixes 

Hey J360 Legion

Friday is upon us now but don’t get carried away remember TGIF?

The Grind includes Friday.

So let’s handle that business first before we get to the pleasures of the evening, and although it is vice versa for the night crew out there.  Matter a fact we’re all heroes when we go about seizing the day to get things done, and in the end it gets hard cause sometimes you may feel like you don’t get the respect or appreciation you feel you deserve..  That seems to be where most conflicts come from but that’s when you have to have self-appreciation and respect. Don’t bring yourself down with heavy jaded thoughts like that, because despite what others may say about you or your efforts, you do matter.

If that hope or spark in you has faded to make you feel jaded, today’s remix can possibly restore it. You’ll need something to keep you going and don’t forget how awesome each day can be instead of just holding out for Friday.  You’re a super star every day and it is up to you to keep this all in mind as you strive for greatness.

Today’s track is called “Superstar” by Pegboard Nerds, Nghtmre, and Krewulla, and remixed/arranged by Alexi.

If you love the sounds from all of the creators on this track, feel free to check out more of their work on these links below.

Pegboard Nerds’Soundcloud

Nghtmre’s Soundcloud

Krewella’s Soundcloud

Alexi’s Soundcloud

The synergy is strong within all four of these creatives, and should serve as an inspiration.  Never doubt yourselves as you go through each day.  Keep pushing yourselves and go for your dreams. Be the heroes and leaders you all know you’re able to be, and perform well.  I know how rough the road can be but it’s what shapes and grows us into something better.  Handle the adventure today legion, and then you can party the night away or vice versa for those of you that have to handle the Batman shift. Make your grind and adventure more than mundane.