Song Of The Night: 06/12/21 (Jammaversary Mode!!) Ocean Overdrive by Dream Shore

Happy Jammaversary!!

It’s a wonderful Saturday night, and the music is cool as ever especially as we continue on the Jammaversary road.

We have another presentation from our good friend Dream Shore with his track called Ocean Overdrive.

So if you’re feeling the need to rest from that summer heat.

Let the waves tour take you on another provided by Dream Shore.

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Song Of The Night 06/04/21 (Jammaversary Mode): Vision by Dream Shore

Jammaversary continues!!

Hello J360 Legion

Tonight’s song is perfect for the vibe and a good reminder to keep going for what you want no matter what. It’s never too late for you to become as epic as you can possibly be and this evening’s artist Dream Shore best represents that with his song called “Vision.”

This is actually one of my favorite songs to listen to and I play it whenever I need that extra boost to embrace the grind and keep going.Being an independent creator takes confidence, guts, and drive, we can all achieve what we desire but we have to stay focus and keep that vision in our minds.

Dream Shore captures quite a lot of vibes in this track along with his entire “Miami” album, and I highly recommend listening to it in addition to this piece as well.

If you want to listen to more from Dream Shore, check out his bandcamp here.

Check out all of his links here:

Social Media (J360 Productions)

Twitter: @j360productions