Song Of The Night: 09/16/18 Sunday Night Chillout

Hey J360 Legion

It’s been awhile since we delved into the internet spaceways and listened to some great tracks the musical side has to offer.

I remembered there being a few blank posts while I handled other projects for J360 Productions and I do apologize for the lateness.  It’s time to bring things back to speed and help the musical talents out there find their audience and give us some entertainment for the evening to drive us towards our next destination.

Since it’s the Sunday feature we’re going to listen to something to chill us out and get us thinking and prepared.

Tonight’s song is called “Outer Limits” by ED Space.

It just occurred to me that this is ED Space’s first appearance on a Song Of The Night/Day Article so let’s listen to a 2nd track of his called “Astro Anomaly.”

Shout outs to ED Space for making some killer tracks to help start off the new week, and if you love his style feel free to check out more from his page here.


Song Of The Night: 05/20/18 Sunday Night Chillout

Hey J360 Legion

I know it’s been awhile since one of these entries were written but I’ve been busy working on so many things that I’ve had this on hiatus for awhile.  However I was planning on bringing this back a bit later until I found out that an associate of ours has created a new remix.   By him creating this new remix I managed to find another Synthwave composer called Color Theory too and we’ll dedicate this entry to both of them.

First let’s hear the original called “In Motion” by Color Theory.

Beautiful track eh? The guy has strong vocals and from what I can tell it was an accidental adventure through the 80s according to the vibes and Color Theory said.

Let’s take a listen to the “In Motion” remix that Night Raptor made.

Very smooth, lo-fi and fitting with the usual tone for a relaxing Sunday Evening such as this.   Major props to the both creators for making an excellent track for us all to enjoy and by listening to them reflect different moods yet present a similar experience is what makes music enjoyable.

If you want to hear more music from both of creators, feel free to check out both of their links below.

Bandcamp Links

  1. Color Theory
  2. Night Raptor

Songs Of The Night: 03/01/18 Two for Thursday

It’s time for the Two for Thursday special J360 Legion.

We’re going to look into a different source for this entry tonight. This time from the galaxy called Bandcamp where plenty of our old friends and new ones are steadily creating new music. The vibes are pulsating with deep motion and resonance that will echo long after you read this article I bet.

Our first track tonight is called “Voyager” by Key Puncher, coming from his latest album S/T.

Our 2nd track is called “Nostalgia” by.Predator Technique, hot off of his Neon Sunglasses album.

As it often is with our music feature, this is only a taste of the musician’s best as both composers have a multitude of music in their discography. If you love the vibes and sounds from both tonight feel free to check out more from their pages via the list below.

  1. Key Puncher
  2. Predator Technique


Songs Of The Night: 01/18/18 Two for Thursday 

Hey J360 Legion

Picking up yesterday’s transition, we’re venturing into the evening hours with a couple of interstellar songs that the J360 Playlist found as we venture across multiple galaxies on the interwebs.  It’s been a pretty busy day here at J360 Productions so this is the perfect time for something thrilling to keep the night shift interesting.

The first track is called “Meanwhile Beyond” by Formless Voyager.

Next track is called “Never Again” by Street Cleaner.

Now usually this is where I would end the entry but I just remembered that you didn’t get a song selection for Sunday. So this time you’re getting a bonus track to jam away the night with.

The final track is called “The Out There” by Thunder Porpoise

Each song tonight represents something that vibes within the night, and honestly I tend to love this time of day as it has its own feel for certain things like when you’re planning a story, working the late shift, or having an excellent time.   Some of you could be experiencing all three right now and if you are, congrats to you.   However don’t just let one night be the biggest adventure in your entire life, we have many avenues to cross in order to get where we need to be.

If you love the sounds that were presented to you tonight, feel free to check out more of each artist’s work via their pages provided below.

  1. Formless Voyager
  2. Street Cleaner
  3. Thunder Porpoise

Don’t just stop at the day J360 Legion, seize the night!


Song Of The Night: 11/08/17 Wild Wednesday 

We’re going to into a very late shift for tonight’s journey  J360 Legion. Mostly to enhance the feel of the night. Wednesday is usually is the random entry but tonight’s different. The galaxy of love and soulful lyrics are calling so if you have a love one near or faraway you’re thinking of, then this is the right vibe for you.

Tonight’s track is called is called “Here Comes The Night” by Michael Oakley Synthwave.

Just to keep the passion alive, next up is “Rabbit in the headlights.” another hit  from Mr.Oakley.

Beautiful tracks eh? The Galaxy of Love can be a paradise or a nightmare for us all.  To cross the horizon however we must be willing to take risks by crossing lands of insecurity and failure.  Just listen to the vocals of how Mr.Oakley rises to the occasion.

You can do all of this and more.

If you love to hear more of Michael Oakley’s work please check out his links via the list below.

Michael Oakley Synthwave 

1) Soundcloud

2) YouTube

Song Of The Night: 04/09/17 Sunday Night Chillout

Hey J360 Legion

Another night of grooves are coming your way tonight. This time with a bit of a lo-fi relaxing feel to it. It’s all about the calm before the storm and just helping you all gather your thoughts. Tomorrow may begin the new grind but we will ready after we hear tonight’s song. Who knows? It might be the chill factor you’re looking for to turn things around.

Tonight’s track is called “Simulated Stars” by Oddling.

Sweet vibes are coming from this hit eh? Kinda paints a peaceful visual of the future.

If you love the sounds of Oddling, feel free to check out his Soundcloud page here.

Get all the rest you need Legion, a new adventure begins tomorrow.

Song Of The Night: 03/10/17 Friday Night Fever 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s time to put the grind on hold for a little bit. It’s Friday night, and I know plenty of you have some earnings to fool around with. It’s the perfect evening to flaunt and strut our style for one night.  If you don’t believe me then perhaps the Song Of The Night will inspire you.

Tonight’s song is called “Voyage” by Lemmino.

Feel the vibrant waves lead you onto a new adventure.

Something will inspire you into creating new works, shifting your life into something miraculous, and helps you to achieve more as you embrace the grind.  Because who you are and what you’ll become is entirely up to you so as you do relax tonight, and need that extra push for where you’re going.  Listen to the right music to awaken you to your true form.

If you love the sounds of Lemmino, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

Song Of The Night: 03/08/17 Wildcard Wednesday 

Hey J360 Legion

We’re back on the PM Shift again, and since it’s Wednesday night we have something random to present to you all tonight. Since some of you like me have a rotating gameplan, randomness just comes with the territory. Sometimes we find a hit, and other times we make a miss. I don’t know what the playlist has in store tonight but I’m betting it will be awesome.

Tonight’s track is called “Purple” by Carabass Barabass

Deep grooves from this track and it really fits the tone of the evening.

If you love the sounds of Carabass Barabass, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

I know this one came a little late tonight but it goes with the randomness regarding Wednesdays here. I’m sure some of you can get swept up in the storm of everything going topsy turvy but the best thing to do is allow it to lead  you in the right direction if possible.  If it does steer you off course, reset and try again for your next adventure.

Songs Of The Night: 01/05/17 Double Trouble Thursday Night

Hey J360 Legion

It’s the first Thursday special of 2017, and indeed we’ve got much to handle tonight especially as I am on the night shift again for the week.   Two special Songs  and composers that deserve the spotlight for tonight’s article and I hope you are all using the energy from last night to push yourself into handle your own tasks.   It’s also National Screenwriting Day for those of you out there who are currently putting your epics together for shooting or optioning this year.   2017 should be the year of change for all of us, so we can give our projects the green light and it must be done now. In the end you’re the spark that is needed to push your goals from start to finish.   If you don’t believe me on any of this well let the Songs of the Night serve as a good example of people who pursue their passions and goals to give us a good legacy.

The first track is called “Changing Lanes” by Crockett.

A powerful outrun style track from his 2016 album called “City of Ghosts”, and this track is only the tip of the iceberg.  The entire album is pretty good and if you love the sounds, you should check out his Soundcloud here.

Crockett also has an upcoming  EP called “Songs for the Forgotten” coming soon in 2017 and you can currently hear the teaser on his Soundcloud.

The 2nd track is called “Joyride” from Dream Fiend

Coming from Dream Fiend’s album “Electric Isle” this track tends to give a traveling vibe as if searching through dreams, while synth and rhythmic futuristic funk is swirling around as you try to venture through your challenges to achieve your goals. Much like for the first entry from Crockett, It’s only the beginning of a spectacular trip from Dream Fiend.

If you love the sounds from Dream Fiend, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

I don’t just love Synthwave for how retro the vibes are but how experimental it can be, and I can only imagine the hours that each of the creatives featured in these articles place in to create spectacular results.   It just goes to show how far their commitment and drive leads them and those of us in the J360 Legion shouldn’t feel any less.  We have to keep putting in our grind so that we can produce amazing results too. Plenty of people are currently training to build their muscles and as for us in the creative field, our creativity is the same thing, we have to train and build it so that we can call on it to serve us.  If you don’t train your creativity, you can never hope to control it or use it for viable reasons so don’t doubt yourself if you don’t have the flow for the first time.  It takes dedication, willingness, and time and we all have the drive for these attributes.



Song Of The Night: 01/04/17 Wildcard Wednesday: Introspective Night

Hey J360 Legion

I know it’s only the fourth day of the new year, and things seem to be a bit bleak with the oncoming issues of the new administration or just fear of what’s to come.   Well You’re not only in these thoughts but the idea is you can’t just give into them and worry anymore.  Everyone in this world has a lot at stake when it comes to these issues whether we like them or not.  It’s the perfect time for us to test how strong we all are, and if mistakes are made (they will be), we have to be able to account for them.   Never be too hard on yourself because you didn’t make certain advances, get the girl, or the fancy job you wanted.  Every rejection is a redirection and if you follow the path from those areas while keeping your belief in yourself, you can make things happen.    If you need to really think deeply about where you see yourself in the oncoming days or lifetimes, well that’s what the Song of The Night is all about.  We’re going to use this Wednesday Night as a way to reflect on important things and use the energy from that to push us.

Tonight’s track is very deep in its presentation, and it is called “Still Human” by Nowtro.

Such a beautiful empowering track made by Nowtro, and it’s only the tip of the iceberg from his library.  So let’s give him support, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

I’d say this not to be rude Legion but if you’re sitting there and not being motivated you’re committing an injustice to the people who believe in you, and yourself.  Take the time to step up and give it your all, you have to keep fighting until you fall.   Time is of the essense and only you can make these things happen, never give up on yourself and feel that you aren’t good enough.  You all have unlimited potential, no matter what height, age, weight or race you are, and it’s all about how you apply your abilities and what you learn throughout the years.   Nothing is the easiest and most disgusting thing you can do even if the world seems like it is against you, you must carry on.    You will fail from time to time but you must remember you’re due for a win, and it will be in reach.   Let all of these songs that are made by these many composers across the world inspire you to reach to infinite heights.   You see the road and the mountains ahead of you, so we must travel and climb every one of them so that we may see the peak, and you must do it despite the ones that tell you not to because they’re too scared to try.

Despite what’s coming to Washington, or to your jobs or anything difficult, you can be stronger than the lo and you must pull your strength together into your focus to handle everything.