Song Of The Day: 01/17/17 Turbo Tuesday 

Hey J360 Legion

We managed to start off Monday quite well but for some of you didn’t quite make the moves you wanted and a lot of you are probably going back to school or work today may need that extra boost.   So what we’re going to do is first consider this your new Monday, and call it Turbo Tuesday to bring in a track with the maximum overdrive you need in order to get through the obstacles or challenges ahead.

Now you all know of the legendary group Metallica, and if you’ve been paying attention to the Synthwave scene (this feature in particular) you all know about the synth rock group, Dance with the Dead right?

Well somehow in this universe and at this time, they’ve both managed to mix into an epic remix and it is as cool as it sounds, you should all experience the greatness of this song as it functions as the overdrive track for this morning

Today’s track is called “Master of Puppets” by Metallica and remixed by Dance with the Dead.

If you love the mixing abilities and sounds from Dance with the Dead, feel free to check out their Soundcloud at this link.   This song is beautifully done originally by Metallica and with the rearrangements by DWTD, it’s just beyond biblical now.   Well since we have a busy day ahead of us, it’s time to don our armor and go into the battlefield again ladies and gentlemen.  So let’s handle it and do what must be done as we take charge of our lives ahead in achieving our goals and dreams.


Song Of The Day: 11/02/16 Wild Wednesday

Hey J360 Legion

Ready to go handle another Wild Wednesday?

Good so are we!

We have an incredible song of the day to hear, and we have to make the best of this week. You have to be striving and pushing yourself to overcome those obstacles so today we’re going to listen to an oldie but a goodie, and it is a fight song heard around any sporting event you can think of.

Today’s track is called “We will Rock You” created by Queen but remixed by Dance With The Dead.  I know Remix day is usually Friday but a song like this must be heard on a day like today especially since I know most of you partied out during Halloween Weekend.

What an incredible song/remix to hear, and I have to commend the guys on their re-arranging of a traditional fight song.  It’s like preparing to battle the forces of the undead or handling your own production company ( sounds familiar eh? ).  Big shout outs to DTWD and Queen for creating something that can ignite people to fight back when times get tough, and prepare for challenges ahead so that we can achieve our goals and make things happen.

If you love the sounds of Dance with the Dead feel free to follow their Soundcloud here.

Now for the rest of us, let’s go seize the day and take care of business, we’ve got much to do and it is up to us to pull a win.


Song Of The Day: 10/29/16 Saturday Special

Hey J360 Legion

Welcome to a multi-event weekend, filled with today, my birthday tomorrow, and Halloween on Monday. Too much ground to cover in one full weekend, so how to go about celebrating all three things eh? We’ll start with a Song of the Day.  It should be a theme that accurately works with all things in a synthesized rhythm with 80s drum beats, and created through independent musicians.

Now while that request doesn’t narrow anything down at all, today’s song will be a real treat for those of you that are participating in the Halloween festivities tonight.  A little bit of those Dr.Frankenstein vibes are in order, and indeed this fits the mold.

Today’s track is called “The Man who made a monster.” created by Dance Of The Dead.

If you enjoy the sounds of Dance Of The Dead, feel free to check out their Soundcloud here.

I know Saturdays are usually a day of smooth tones and calmness on this feature but you can have that next week, have fun haunting tonight and tomorrow people.

Song Of The Day: 10/26/16 Wicked Wednesday 

Hey J360 Legion

Come gather around as we ride through the howling gateways to the Wednesday Grind, we’ve much to accomplish.  We’re going to listen to an awesome Song of the Day to help us along the way, and since we have a few days to Halloween.  I would say something wicked should serve today with plenty of new riffs, vibes, and rhythms to inspire you in weaving some dark magic. This track should serve well in giving you that proper motivation for today because creating magic and sorcery takes plenty of time and practice. This is a combination remixed track from two great artists on the Synthwave scene.

Today’s track is called “Battlefield” by Magic Sword, and remixed by Dance With The Dead.

If you love the sounds of Magic Sword and the Dance of the Dead, check out their respective soundclouds: here (Magic Sword), and here (Dance with the Dead).

Put your armor on people it’s time to battle through the hallow lands and fight through the grind to achieve your greatness.


Song Of The Day: 10/18/16 Terrified Tuesday

Hey J360 Legion

Time to get back into the spirit of the season, unlock the dark chambers, and unleash the ghosts and ghouls. We need something with horror in our lives, and getting the dark vibes is a good way to handle the grind.

At least for terrified Tuesday, and today’s track is called “Thrasher” from Dance With The Dead.

If you love the sounds from Dance with the Dead, check out their soundcloud here.

Now don’t just give into your desires to rest in your grave, embrace the grind and keep striving for greatness.  You can sleep later.

Song Of The Day: 10/14/16 Friday Frights 

Hey J360 Legion

Another Friday has landed, and we have an excellent track to aid with your morning grind.

I’d say something mysterious with a hint of sci fi style synth should be on the horizon. So Today’s track is “Invader” by Dance with the Dead.   You may find yourself stepping into your grind and handling your business today similar to the electronic riffs and deep waves throughout this track.

If you love the sounds from Dance with the Dead, check out their soundcloud here.

Remember even though it’s Friday, the Grind never ends.

Make yours count today as you handle your tasks.

Songs Of The Day: 10/13/16 Two for Thursday 

Hey J360 Legion

Welcome back to the Two for Thursday special here on the Song Of The Day.

Although we’re getting closer to another weekend, the grind never stops.

While you’re all out there making important plans happen, you may need a double push of music to handle the tasks ahead. We are still following in step with our Monster Fest regarding Dark or Mythical synthwave selections, and we have two fine examples to share today.

First up, we have an a supernatural piece called  “Out of Body” from Dance With The Dead.

If you enjoy the sounds of Dance With the Dead, feel free to follow their soundcloud here.

Next track is a fantastic synth rock piece called “Legend of the Keeper” from Magic Sword.

If you enjoy the sounds of Magic Sword, feel free to follow their soundcloud here.

The heart and soul these musicians put into their work are an inspiration for me to try harder in creating productions, and I’m sure you can all feel the same as well.  They put tons of tireless efforts into their work and it shows through each track from their respective albums.

So don’t get bored of your grind, do different things and make it worth doing.

All of you are capable of making it happen.


Songs Of The Day: 10/11/16 Tuesday Takeover

Hey J360 Legion

It’s time for another Song Of The Day, and it is a powerful piece to strengthen you for your daily grind.  We’ve much to handle today at J360 Productions as I am sure you all do out there in the world.  In keeping well with our Monster Fest event we’re going to share  more Dark Synthwave. No more time for sleeping because with a song like this, it will be all you need in order to rise from your tomb.

Today’s track is called “Riser” from Dance With The Dead.

If you like the music from Dance with the Dead check out their Soundcloud here.

We must rise from our sleep to handle everything that stands in our way. If you didn’t make an impact yesterday then this is why we have more days in the week.

Worry less about yesterday and focus on today to bring about a better tomorrow.

Let’s make it epic.

Song Of The Day: 10/04/16 Tuesday Terror

Hey J360 Legion!

Since the J360 Monster Fest has been announced lots of spooky things are occurring around J360 Productions.  It has even affected our Song of the Day feature but we can still present some frighteningly fantastic music for you to start your day off.

Matter a fact let’s get your pulses rising and hearts pumping with this excellent track called “Watching You” from Dance with the Dead.   Just listening to the theme, and the rhythm within is enough to make you think something is lurking out there with deceit in their eyes, and evil in their mind but fear not there’s a chance you may survive.

You’ll have to, so you can make it to another adventure tomorrow.

If you love the sounds of Dance with the Dead, please check out their soundcloud here.