J360 Jams#52: 3rd Season Block Party

Welcome back to Jams, J360 Legion!

Tonight is all about the vibe and since we’re on the cusp of Labor Day weekend, it’s time to step it up and present at least 35 or so tracks bringing about the dance vibe.  We’ll be showcasing some new tracks for new albums, and a couple of artists making their Jams debut. 

If you like who you’re listening to tonight, please check the link under the name to buy their tracks and/or merch to show your support to keep them all in business.

Thanks for listening to J360 Jams and continue to enjoy J360 Radio!!! 

Dimi KayeDisco 21
Dimi KayeDance Through The Night
Ardenite Flowers Don’t Care
Chypriann ft. ArdeniteWake Up
OutshiftGlow Dreamer
Outshift ft. Alexandra EsakovaHold Me
Driver86If You Say Goodbye (Remix)
Panoramic DuoPress Start
Panoramic DuoRunaway
NeaonStorm The Castle
NeaonDreams of Return
SpaceforceTransmission To J360 Beacon (Skit)
SpaceforceSunset Sky (Cruise Mix)
SpaceforceSpace Tourist (Final Flight)
BlastpastRacer X
BlastpastCasa Cristo
Electron OdysseyEmpty Heart
Electron Odyssey ft. King ProteaRoller Rink Request
GeoramaHeart Of The Beat
GeoramaSpatial Geometry
Jetfire PrimeFirst Swim
Jetfire PrimePool Cleaner
PolytaemLeather Apron
Resin SunNo Love
Resin SunHome
Space ChimneyImmaculate Divinity
Space ChimneyMonochrome Euphoria
ElektroTerapiDiagnose Liebe
Ex-HyenaNightmare Pills
WalmindNo Words Could Tell
WalmindTime is over
Warlock ft. Julia SaoDisco Nebula
Warlock Stanotte
After DarkEclipse
After Dark The Edge of Destiny

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J360 Jams#40: Grand Megamix

Crossing another Milestone Megamix, The J-Man and the Jam Fam are finally on the Grand 40.  To celebrate how awesome this occasion is there’s at over 50 tracks tonight celebrating the growth of the series thus far, with old favorites and new songs thrown into the mix. 

The party of all parties is celebrating the number 40 in style.

Let the Adventure begin!!!

If you love who you’re hearing tonight, feel free to check out the link by clicking their names.

Panoramic DuoPress Start
Panoramic DuoGlory Hallelujah
Adam Ford, IdeonTokyo City Lights
Adam FordReboot
ZXSPPrime Time
ZXSPSoftware Interface
SpaceForceWaves Of Time
SpaceForceZero Gravity
WarlockTonight We Ride
WarlockDisco Nebula
FirkensteinExigent Business
Omega WaveSpace Waves
Omega WaveWave Runner
Ankh WaveSpinning In The Sky
Ankh WaveJust Love Me
BlastpastHeat Death
Neon SweatsuitSax Maniac!
Neon SweatsuitFuzz In My Pocket
Acid ArcadeBack To Life
Acid ArcadeParadise
Star Madman & ManhattenTerms Of Endearment
Star Madman & ManhattenA Way
Iyes KeenNo Bliss
Iyes KeenMoloch
Final ShiftTime Flies but you’re the Pilot
Final ShiftThe Corrupted Advance
LouversHunt For The Truth
LouversWelcome Home
LavalletteSunset Baby
LavalletteNo Easy Way Out
Melanie S JaneMake The Move
Melanie S JaneCrystal Sounds
Survey ChannelSuper Sun Dissolve
Survey ChannelAahech
Emily ZuzikAlone
SP84 and Emily ZuzikPassion
TopherRed Nova
ResinSunSinking So Fast
AerowolfVoid Walker
WarpsektorSmashing The Future
Chasing NeptuneRepeat
Chasing NeptuneFuture Me
Summer SleepEscaping a Cult
Summer SleepMemories are gone forever
James PedenSpeed of Sound
James PedenProgress
A Dollar UnderwaterIn From The Rain
A Dollar UnderwaterThis is not an Exit

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Song Of The Day: 01/25/17 Wildcard Wednesday 

Hey J360 Legion

Since it’s Wednesday we’ve got another adventure to start and it’s time to make things amazing despite the overcomb in office.  We’ve got to maintain and push for better because we’re still on the grind, it will never stop.  I’m have more projects to produce and you all have to do same regardless what obstacles are in our ways.  To aid in keeping things stable and move us forward we’re going to listen to something amazing from the Playlist.  Since it’s Wildcard Wednesday, it could be a random mix, a different genre, a new singer, and so on, Matter a fact I have the program on shuffle so I really don’t know what it is right off unlike the other entries.   Let’s take a good listen at what the song of the day is, shall we?

Today’s track is called “Maximum” by Betamaxx.

This song is a unique track. It gives me feeling of hope as I’m working  on a few big projects right now. In this uncertain times we need all the inspiration and help we can get.  If this song gives you the same feeling it does me, try to take that hope and turn it into something powerful just like the song that Betamaxx made here.   From what I’ve heard of Betamaxx’s latest, he has an LP called “Archaic Science” coming soon.  If you love the sounds of Betamaxx and which to hear his other tracks, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here

The adventure isn’t over until you make it so J360 Legion, embrace the grind, and keep fighting the good fight. .

Song Of The Day: 01/23/17 Monday Motivation

Hey J360 Legion

It’s time to start another grind week, we’ve got to handle the business, and get to where we need to be.  Monday is all about running our race and We’ve got to make more of an impact showing our potential to people who will open doors for us.  Let the motivation guide you through the storm and the darkness.  Unity is the goal for all of us to make this nation into something functional again (don’t depend on the Govt).  The right music is very helpful in giving us the perfect fuel to launch us into something great.

Today’s Song is called “Lucy” by Luovodifaberge

According to Luovodifaberge’s page the meaning of this song is

“An electronic music tale: LUCY is the story of the child who lives in all of us, tied to his dreams, even if one day he becomes an adult. This is the story of life, from the childhood till today, this is the story of deep connection with dreams that accompanies the child for so long until it comes true when his eyes finally know they see LUCY taking flight before him.”

“Give life to LUCY” – Luovodifaberge

If you love the sounds of Luovodifaberge, feel free to check out their Soundcloud page here.

That is what we need to do, we must give life to the energy within our dreams and work to make them into reality no matter what age we are, or a point in life we are.  We have to keep applying our efforts and only then can we make our achievements.  This is what goals are about an it doesn’t matter who is in the office or who is seemingly better than you, or any of these obstacles that are in your path.  You fell down before Legion but now it is time to suck it up and rise again for another round.

Song Of The Night: 01/03/16 Tuesday Night Overdrive

Hey J360 Legion

Sorry for the delay on the Song of The Night for this Tuesday, I was busy working on the all new J-Man Show Episode#6. It’s currently on Soundcloud at this link if you haven’t checked it out yet.  Meanwhile I’ve been listening to plenty of great hits to keep me inspired for much of 2017’s first quarter.  It’s going to be an interesting year but as long as I got the right music to go with my drive, circumstances aren’t going to hold me back nor  you as well.   Let’s make things happen and since there’s no time for delays I’m going to share the overdrive track of the night.

Tonight’s track is called “Voltaic Resolve” by Kondrath.

(Keep it into high gear if you have a sound system because this track is awesome.)

If you love the vibes and sounds from Kondrath, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

Let’s make 2017 our year legion, as you can hear Kondrath is already bringing the future together along with other creatives that were shared in this feature, and they could use our help in joining in.   So start putting your pedal to the metal and do what you gotta do, it’s time to organize and restructure while focusing on our goals.  Only we can do this and make it happen because it’s our time now and let the process bring you new insights and help you to find the strength to conquer the goals you wish to fulfill.  Never stop your momentum for anyone especially if that’s all they want you to do is stop.

Song Of The Night: 12/16/16 Friday Night Fever

Tonight is an interesting night, J360 Legion.

I would give you all an optimistic message of hope and freedom but tonight you’re all going to go experience Rogue One and it’s time to be festive.  Since it is Friday Night and you all are about to party it up, let’s do it with a hint of the Force.

Tis the season of the Dark Side, I dare you to give into it for at least one night.

Tonight’s track is called “Dark Side” (Star Wars Mix) by Audio Rockers and Matt Raiden.

If you love the sounds of the Audio Rockers and Matt Raiden, feel free to check out their Soundcloud pages via the links below.

Soundcloud Links

Audio Rockers

Matt Raiden

Enjoy the Dark Side Legion, Let the Power consume you as you stroll into the theaters or night clubs tonight.




Song Of The Day: 11/23/16 Wild Wednesday 

Hey J360 Legion

T’was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and I just want to let you all know that I’m going on vacation for a bit but we will have something awesome to enjoy for today.  Since it’s Wildcard Wednesday we’re going to randomly select an artist that could bring some new grooves. If you are working for the holidays this coming week I want to say, hang tough and do the best you can to make time for today. Keep some food on hand or do what you can to reach out to your family and spend time with them either today, Black Friday or this weekend.   Don’t let your obligations stop you from attempting to celebrate. While some of these places are unreasonable, you guys are heroes for going out there and working on your grind during a day that should be all about family.

That sacrifice deserves nothing less than respect.

So let’s find something in the line-up to give you that energy to keep going, and I think I know the right artist for today.

Today’s track is called “Lose It”  by Alexsia, this lady has incredible vocals and her song is very catchy.

If you love the sounds of Alexsia, feel free to hear more from her Soundcloud here.

She’s out there striving for her dreams, and no matter how things go remember that you can all achieve the same as well by keeping your mindset sharp.   Sometimes the holidays can be a rough time for plenty of people out there like the Unemployed, The Seasonal workers, or anyone who is unappreciated at work.  Don’t focus on the negative aspects just lose it and focus on the music like Alexsia said and keep working on improving yourselves.  You do matter, and if you remember that, you can always push yourself to get things done as long as you don’t give into the selfish natures that exist throughout the world. You will all be challenged but that’s part of the grind and it’s all about embracing and moving forward.  As long as you’re prepared than the holiday season won’t bother you as much, stay strong and have a good Thanksgiving.

Song Of The Day: 11/18/16 Friday Remixes 

Hey J360 Legion

Friday is upon us now but don’t get carried away remember TGIF?

The Grind includes Friday.

So let’s handle that business first before we get to the pleasures of the evening, and although it is vice versa for the night crew out there.  Matter a fact we’re all heroes when we go about seizing the day to get things done, and in the end it gets hard cause sometimes you may feel like you don’t get the respect or appreciation you feel you deserve..  That seems to be where most conflicts come from but that’s when you have to have self-appreciation and respect. Don’t bring yourself down with heavy jaded thoughts like that, because despite what others may say about you or your efforts, you do matter.

If that hope or spark in you has faded to make you feel jaded, today’s remix can possibly restore it. You’ll need something to keep you going and don’t forget how awesome each day can be instead of just holding out for Friday.  You’re a super star every day and it is up to you to keep this all in mind as you strive for greatness.

Today’s track is called “Superstar” by Pegboard Nerds, Nghtmre, and Krewulla, and remixed/arranged by Alexi.

If you love the sounds from all of the creators on this track, feel free to check out more of their work on these links below.

Pegboard Nerds’Soundcloud

Nghtmre’s Soundcloud

Krewella’s Soundcloud

Alexi’s Soundcloud

The synergy is strong within all four of these creatives, and should serve as an inspiration.  Never doubt yourselves as you go through each day.  Keep pushing yourselves and go for your dreams. Be the heroes and leaders you all know you’re able to be, and perform well.  I know how rough the road can be but it’s what shapes and grows us into something better.  Handle the adventure today legion, and then you can party the night away or vice versa for those of you that have to handle the Batman shift. Make your grind and adventure more than mundane.



Song Of The Day: 10/01/16 Saturday Sounds

Hey J360 Legion!

It’s a new month, a new weekend, and a good day to dance out with a new song of the day.

Today’s track is a rhythmic house track called  “Skyline Express” by Kodak Cameo, an excellent piece of electro, perfect for traveling through space and time.  Saturday should be about new experiences and listening to the deep beats in this theme is a wonderful start in the morning.

(This content is shared courtesy of Electronic Gems.)

If you enjoyed this track, please check out Kodak Cameo’s soundcloud via this link.

Until next time, keep jamming out, and don’t forget to make the best out of today.


Song of the Day 08/27/16 Saturday Surprise

Hey J360 Legion, We made it to another Saturday didn’t we?

Heh, I know I tend to say never stop the grind but today is a pretty good to just chill out.

So fire up the 80s’ cassette player, we’re going to be listening some New Wave Synth Pop from England called “We came to dance” by UltraVox.