Song Of The Day: 10/28/16 Friday Remixes

Hey J360 Legion

Hey there what’s going on everybody, it’s almost Halloween and we’ve made it to the Friday Remixes.  Let’s see what do we have in stored for today, don’t forget that Friday is a grind day, so use it wisely until tonight’s activities.  To remain festive we should listen to something with a bit of deep bass, synth-based rhythm, and give you a dose of 80s nostalgia. We’ll also need that dark horror element because all hallow’s eve is coming up on Monday.

Today’s track is a remix of the Stranger Things theme song arranged by Cybass.

If you love the sounds of Cybass, feel free to follow his Soundcloud here.

This track should do nicely to get your blood pumped and pulsating for your grind today, but don’t scare too many people, we need to make the entire weekend count.