The J-Man Show#272: Nightmare Tales 2022

It is still the Monster Fest 2022, and it’s time for a J-Man Double Special. J-Man discusses Real Horrors in the world, three tales, why serial killers being “attractive” is a sign of human stupidity, how Jams works, and also what is really scary to humanity.

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Monster Fest Rating: Wishmaster 4/ The Prophecy Fulfilled

Monster Fest Rating: Wishmaster 4/The Prophecy Fullfilled

The Djinn’s back for a fourth time, and acquires the long awaited third wish but he falls in love with the main character instead of doing his job to add on more film time.

You can tell they had no idea where to go so instead of the Prophecy being fulfilled try declined.

I could say this movie was more insulting than Wishmaster 3 but at least this one has a Rating for  trying to build something but then gives it up after 40 minutes.

Btw you could make a drinking game out of how many times everyone says “sex” in the film, and pay attention as the Djinn seeks out love advice for the next two acts of the movie.

It could have been done in a clever way but…not if you’re lazy.

This film isn’t worth any more of my efforts.

1 Bloody Knuckle.

The J-Man Show Ep#73: Stalker Syndrome

The Monster Fest continues by taking a look into people who won’t be ignored: Stalkers! A monster can exist in many forms especially people who will go through varying lengths to control or abuse people in their delusions and call it “love.” So let’s delve into the madness shall we?

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The J360 Monster Fest: Now Showing 10/30/16

Hey J360 Legion

As you all know our J360 Monster Fest is continuing throughout all of November and bringing things up to speed is a horror anthology series called Tales from the Darkside.

I’m halfway through the first season so far and I have to say while some eps were a bit hokey, this set is definitely worth the $30 dollar price tag for all 96 episodes. Far as the content goes the episodes hold up well as the picture and sounds are clear, and the creep factor is still strong to this day.

The J360 Monster Fest Now Showing.jpg

So I’m going to be scaring the hell out of myself for awhile as I partake at least the first two seasons of this set while watching more monster movies in between. I actually have a wall of shame for horror movies just like the one for the PowerPlay.  So it’s all about enjoying the films I do have and doing a bit of case studying as I am working on three new short films for J360 Productions.

The adventure continues Ladies and Gentlemen, and until next time have an awesome night.



The J360 Monster Fest: Now Showing 10/05/16

Now showing J360 Monster Fest - JBrady.jpg

Time to step into the Monster Fest Legion, I’m going to watch four obscured horror films from the 50s, and 60s even a rare Hammer horror featuring Christopher Lee called “The Terror of the Tongs”and Vincent Price in “The Mad Magician.” I stumbled upon this collection as I wandered around the local store last night searching for some Godzilla flicks. Each titles seemed to tell a unique story that I was looking for to present in the Fest this year, so I’m intrigued in seeing what each feature offers in terms of suspense and creepiness.  I will look at each movie via the order represented on the art above.

Here are the synopsis of every film in the collection, along with trailers shared courtesy of respected youtube channels.

1) Five (1951):  The Earth is destroyed by a Nuclear Holocaust. The only survivors are a pregnant woman, a philosopher, a black man, a banker, and an explorer living in an abandoned home. In order to survive they must work together but opposition regarding their views for the future may destroy them.

2) The Mad Magician (1954): Gallico the Great a, magician and master of disguise turns into a homidicial maniac when his manager closes his show and gives his trick to a rival.   With his illusion disrupting abilities at his disposal, Gallico begins to unleash his wrath by taking out his victims one by one.

3) The Man Who Turned to Stone (1957): Someone is committing murders inside of a woman’s prison, and a new psychiatrist is uncovering the mystery to find that it’s all connected to a centuries old evil ritual for immortal life.

4) The Terror of the Tongs (1961): A British sea captain seeks revenge against the Red Dragon Tong, a gang of Hong Kong drug and slave traders for killing his daughter, with a former slave by his side they begin to incite a riot to destroy the group however there’s something vicious about this Secret Society and it’s more powerful than he thinks.

Cults, Revenge, and Xenophobia? Oh my!

This is a brilliant four for all package, and I’ll share some clips via the social media, and a review about each installment this Friday.