J360 Jams Submission Rules

Attention all musicians!

We at J360 Productions have a series called J360 Jams that features the best independent music broadcast worldwide.

After two years of production and to broaden our mission to a larger appeal and more musicians.

We’re presenting our submission rules for both J360 Jams and J360 Jams TV.

J360 Jams (J360 Radio)

  • Must supply a link such as Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify, or main

website so that audiences can find your work

  • Make sure tracks are properly labeled, we’re not responsible if your tracks get misplaced.
  • If you have only one track but have collaborated with someone, that can serve as your 2nd track.
  • Must be two tracks for a complete submission and a remixed version of the same track does not count.
  • Tracks submissions are due Thursdays at 5pm est before a Jams premiere.

J360 JamsTV (J360 TV)

  • Must submit music video via email to [email protected] using Dropbox, Wetransfer, Drive or any cloud service. Videos must be mp4 format.
  • Must supply a link such as Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify, or main website so that audiences can find your work.
  • Unlike the radio show, you will only need one video for your submission.
  • To make room for production time, deadlines for video submissions are always Saturdays at 7pm est.

Genre does not matter for both Productions. Jams is a music show open to all unique styles and creators just be respectful and work with the rules.

Any other questions? Email [email protected]


CEO/leader of J360 Productions

The J360 MiniBytes#101: Results Not Excuses

This week J-Man looks into ego-checking, staying in your lane, and moving in secret. He will also discuss being aware of gaslighting people in this industry. You will also get a rundown of latest developments in J360 Radio.

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The J360 Hangouts#13: Hangin with Resin Sun (Uncut)

Continuing the Hangouts Double Special, this time J-Man is teaming up with the great pioneers of Rivetwave known as ResinSun. This duo composed of Cass and Will are creating unique music filled with industrial sounds and deep vibes along with making excellent artwork. These two are also strong members within the Jam Fam from J360 Jams. Come sit back and listen to some epic music and hearing awesome stories from an incredible band tonight on J360 Hangouts.

Resin Sun’s Track listing

City Of Flies

Sinking So Fast


Fade Into You (Mazzy Star Cover)

ResinSun Sites


Social Media (J360 Productions)

Twitter: @J360productions
Email: [email protected]

The J360 Hangouts#12: Hangin with Washed Inc (Uncut)

Welcome back to the J360 Hangouts! J360 Legion!

This week J-Man is talking with an old friend of his Washed Inc (Marco) about the state of the movie industry, Marco’s rise as a creator, how content creators could thrive, why “Muh Narrative” is a bad marketing ploy for female led movies or movies in general, Industry Gatekeepers, Is Podcasting Dead? and much much more in this almost 2 hour episode.

There will be funny moments, serious moments, and lots of deep talk involved you certainly don’t wanna miss out on this one.

Washed Inc’s links

Website: https://www.awflproductions.com/

Social Media (J360 Productions)
Twitter: @j360productions
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Song Of The Night (06/08/2021) Jammaversy Mode: An Evening with Resin Sun (Unplugged)

Happy Jammaversary!! J360 Legion!!

I’m back with another Song Of The Night and this one is so nice we’re gonna give double it twice, which seems a bit redundant in some cases but not in this one! (Puns)

It sounds a bit funnier when you don’t think about it but tonight’s guests are very special and important to the Jam Fam, they have a unique art and sound that harkens back the early 90s style and vibe. The classic rivetwave that lives on from every song they compose and it’s an honor to play their music on Jams every time.

I’m talking about the one and only: Resin Sun!!

An Epic band comprised of Cass and Will, two awesome people who know how to jam the night away and present a beautiful mix.

They’re always evolving their style and sound to the point where they created an unplugged concert not too long ago on Instagram. So we will be giving them their due tonight by listening to a couple of tracks from that same concert not too long ago.

The first track we will hear from them tonight is called “Sinking So Fast”

Our second song and final song of the evening is called “City Of Flies”

A special shoutout to both of them again for creating incredible music, keep going forward Cass and Will!

If you like what you’re hearing tonight please check out their links below and show your support.

Resin Sun links

https://www.resinsun.com/#/ (Official site)

Soundcloud Page

Social Media (J360 Productions)

Twitter: @j360productions


Email: [email protected]

Song Of The Night: 06/07/21 Triple Play (Jammaversary Mode)!

Hello J360 Legion

Happy Jammaversary!!

I’ve returned with another Song Of The Night feature this time showcasing not one but three songs. I was on a temporary leave last weekend covering another sporting event and couldn’t fulfill the feature at the time.

Tonight I’m tying up all of the loose ends and presenting three wonderful tracks from incredible ladies in the Jam Fam.

Each song is a wonderful presentation and if you like who you’re hearing tonight, please check out their links in the list and show your support.

Our first track of the evening is called “Decay” by ZXSP.

Excellent start right? Coming up next is “Haze” by Thread Mill.

Our final song of the night is called “Keep Running” by Star Madman.

Three amazing styles, three incredible songs and three outstanding musicians (4 including P.L. in Thread Mill), I do say it’s been an honor to meet all of these individuals and showcase their music on J360 Jams. I look forward to seeing how their music grows in the future to come.

Jam Fam Forever!

Please check out their links below

ZXSP: https://zxsp.bandcamp.com/

Thread Mill: https://threadmill.bandcamp.com/

Star Madman: https://starmadman.bandcamp.com/

Social Media (J360 Productions)

Twitter: @J360productions


Email: [email protected]

Song Of The Night: 06/02/2021 (Jammaversary Mode) feat Atari Nights by Maestro Eternal

Hello again, J360 Legion

The Jammaversary continues with another Song Of The Night kicking off the festivities.

You ever heard of the old rule, it’s all about the game and how you play it?

Well tonight is no exception as I’m just retrogaming the time away until The J-Man Show#208 rises. I’ve recently bought an Atari 2600 and after a little bit of low-key maintenance, it works like a charm.

To help break in the system on a strong note along with getting lost in some Super Breakout. I found the right song made by Maestro Eternal to set the mood. Not to mention it’s a fantastic track made by a dear friend from the Jam Fam.

It’s called “Atari Nights.”

If you love what you heard tonight please show your support for the lovely maestro by checking out more of her music via the link below.

Maestro Eternal’s link: Https://maestroeternal.bandcamp.com

Are We Rolling? A Podcast Documentary directed by Matt Cayer

Foreword from J.M.Brady, CEO Of J360 Productions

A friend of mines produced and directed a cool documentary looking into the process of creating podcasts and I was fortunate enough to join him on this adventure. I appreciated the opportunity and am sharing this for all of you to watch and enjoy. Keep an eye on him because he’s going to be taking the film industry by storm and I have nothing but the upmost respect for his growth as a creator. Go get em Matt!

From the description written by Matt Cayer

The podcast industry is massive and with it’s growing amount of creators, it is without a doubt an art. This documentary follows multiple personalities that have dived into the world of podcasting, sharing their perspectives on what happens behind the microphone. This was my final project for one of my college classes, to all those who have helped me produced this, I am utterly grateful for their contributions.

Podcasts Featured/Special Thanks:

J360 Radio

Twitter: @j360productions

Facebook: @j360productions


Talkin’ 215 (Formerly Hit Em Low Hit Em High Podcast)

Twitter: @Talkin215 https://open.spotify.com/show/3MdWbGM… https://rss.com/podcasts/helheh/

Pop Prism Power Podcast

Twitter: @PopPrismPower

Facebook: @PopPrismPower


Ill Street News

Twitter: @ISN_Podcast

Facebook: @illstreetnews


The J-Man Show#195: Taking a break works but quitting doesn’t

This week on The J-Man Show, J discusses disillusionment, social media tiredness, and overall fatigue with things. He also discuss while letting it linger will cause you to feel disgust with things. He will also discuss how it’s an indication of pacing yourself, taking your time, focus on R&D, and get going further planning now.

Social Media (J360 Productions)

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The J360 MiniBytes#79: Beware The Cancel Cult

Riding the interwebs waves aboard the SS J360, J-Man notices a wave of censorship, cancellations, and social discourse not only from Lucasfilm but from different outlets. He will also discuss some new things happening with J360 Productions too.

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