The J360 MiniBytes#79: Beware The Cancel Cult

Riding the interwebs waves aboard the SS J360, J-Man notices a wave of censorship, cancellations, and social discourse not only from Lucasfilm but from different outlets. He will also discuss some new things happening with J360 Productions too.

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The J-Man Show#187: Speech Wars

This week J talks about how the populace outcry a war on Freedom of Speech. He will discuss why it’s ok to hear the opposition of other people, and point out the arrogance of other content creators. He will also remind me people just because we have a new president, we won’t get anything done if we still carry the same old problems

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The J360 MiniBytes#76: R&D Results

This week J returns to the mic, discusses the results of R&D week, Godzilla vs Kong, and the insanity of the entertainment landscape.

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J-Man’s Greatest Crossovers#3: Roman Pod and Cast (05/04/2020)

This third crossover takes me to the land of the north, good ol’ Canada to hang out with my friends Roman and Cast on their series. These guys host an entertaining and informative show, and I always enjoyed the shenanigans and conversations they have. From their banter and wordplay I knew I was going to be in for a treat and when Mr. Cast asked me if I would like to join in? I didn’t dream of saying no.

In fact, I said “Hellz yeah! Let’s do this!”

What followed was an adventure that I needed in order to get away from quarantine and being an essential worker. It was well worth it because I also got to know more about the both of them and I gotta say I’m glad I met them. So I hope that you all find joy in listening to it as I did joining Roman and Cast to make it happen because it was an enjoyable trip using the power of podcasting.

I plan to revisit them again sometime or better, have them join me on a J360 Hangout.

What is the Roman Pod and Cast Show?

Roman Lebeau and Robert Cast are two Canadians who get together to chat about trending stories, headlines and give their unsolicited advice.

Episode Synopsis: This week Roman and Rob are joined by J Man from J360 Productions for a Quarantine Crossover! A proud member of the Emotionally 14 Family, the EMC, the Points Of Interest and The Tangent-Bound Networks

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J-Man’s Greatest Crossovers#1: Horribly Awkward Podcast#119

Welcome to a new feature on J360 Productions everyone, this is all about giving back to those content creators whom helped me along the way to being a great creator in my own right. While sometimes it’s easy to travel alone and go far, it’s better to do it as part of a community and feels rewarding to meet new people. To this day I never thought I’d meet so many extraordinary people as I keep creating and well I sure hope I do them justice as I present this series to you.

Feel free to check out each show by the way, these people are awesome.

Crossover Date: Jan 25, 2018

A long time ago, I was just starting out in the podcasting field.

The J-Man Show was practically 2 years old and I was still working on defining my skill set as a host and trying to take it to the next level. I even made a few friends as a podcaster and was steadily gaining some listeners throughout every episode I did.

One day I received a message from someone on twitter and to my surprise it was from Shawn from the Horribly Awkward Podcast. I remember listening to his show and laughing at plenty of the discussions and hearing how he interviews the guests that were fortunate enough to appear on it. I never thought that I would be considered for a guest spot, and happily took his offer.

What came from it was an interesting presentation with lots of laughs, a cool friendship, and the honor of appearing on someone else’s show for the first time. He gave me a nickname as well “The King Of Rants” and you know I happily accepted it.

I would be eager to do reunion episode and it would definitely happen on J360 Hangouts.

What is the Horribly Awkward Podcast? (From his own description)

My name is Shawn and this is my horribly awkward, guest-driven, improvised, comedy, and fun-filled podcast. Take a ride with me on this journey with a new guest every week

Listen to the podcast! On iTunes, Stitcher Radio or at HORRIBLYAWKWARD.PODBEAN.COM

(You can click his picture for his Spotify link – J)

Horribly Awkward Podcast#119: J.M.Brady (J360 Productions)

Synopsis: Lots of energy on todays episode with The J-Man. This dude is a lot of fun. We talk podcasting, film making, random rants and much more. ENJOY

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The J-Man Show#175: Film Redemptions and More Nightmare Tales

This week the J-Man discusses Ghost Rider, and Spawn to see how they aged well and some other movies that took place on the Monster Fest. He will also talk about how he cannot rate some films if the filmmakers don’t actually try to give you a good story. He also reads more Nightmare Tales to you all from a 2nd book called More Scary Stories to Tell if you dare. Plenty of these stories are rich in folklore, and will hopefully provide a chill to your bones and tingle your spines.

Plus the clock is ticking as J-Man’s birthday is happening soon.

The Book that J-Man reads is called Scary Stories to Tell if You Dare 2 by Joe Olivito
If you want to look into it or purchase it sometime check out this link below.

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The J360 MiniBytes#64: Envy is SDE Unchecked… (Explicit)

This week J decides to discuss something toxic in the world of Content Creating. He will also discuss how SDE and Beta behaviors shouldn’t become the norm, and what you could do about it?

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The J-Man Show#172: Spectors and Speculations

This week J discusses a few of the Monster Fests Films so far, and speaks about the new ratings system. He will discuss the behaviors of certain content creators, their patrons, and the evils of the thirst especially on how similar it is to Horror movie setups and Adam Sandler’s latest: Hubie Halloween

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J360 Jams#1: Prototype Party!

Welcome to J360 Jams, an evening of listening to synthwave music and chilling the night away hosted by J-Man.


1)Ready For The NightJordan F.
3)Only The StrongDimi kaye
4)Neon DreamsOceanside85
5)Tunnel VisionStraplocked
6)Streets Of RageCrusader, Glitterwolf
7)Tokyo City LightsAdam Ford, Ideon
8)End Of The Night Robert Parker, Doubleday

Each artist featured worked very hard on their craft and dreams to make their music come to life, so please show your support by checking out their bandcamps and purchasing their work!

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The J360 MiniBytes#51: Midnight Motivation

This week the J-Man discusses an important event taking place right now at the J360 House, the MLB’s return, and his thoughts on the PS5.

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