Song Of The Night: 03/08/17 Wildcard Wednesday 

Hey J360 Legion

We’re back on the PM Shift again, and since it’s Wednesday night we have something random to present to you all tonight. Since some of you like me have a rotating gameplan, randomness just comes with the territory. Sometimes we find a hit, and other times we make a miss. I don’t know what the playlist has in store tonight but I’m betting it will be awesome.

Tonight’s track is called “Purple” by Carabass Barabass

Deep grooves from this track and it really fits the tone of the evening.

If you love the sounds of Carabass Barabass, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

I know this one came a little late tonight but it goes with the randomness regarding Wednesdays here. I’m sure some of you can get swept up in the storm of everything going topsy turvy but the best thing to do is allow it to lead  you in the right direction if possible.  If it does steer you off course, reset and try again for your next adventure.

Song Of The Night: 12/16/16 Friday Night Fever

Tonight is an interesting night, J360 Legion.

I would give you all an optimistic message of hope and freedom but tonight you’re all going to go experience Rogue One and it’s time to be festive.  Since it is Friday Night and you all are about to party it up, let’s do it with a hint of the Force.

Tis the season of the Dark Side, I dare you to give into it for at least one night.

Tonight’s track is called “Dark Side” (Star Wars Mix) by Audio Rockers and Matt Raiden.

If you love the sounds of the Audio Rockers and Matt Raiden, feel free to check out their Soundcloud pages via the links below.

Soundcloud Links

Audio Rockers

Matt Raiden

Enjoy the Dark Side Legion, Let the Power consume you as you stroll into the theaters or night clubs tonight.




Song Of The Day: 11/16/16 Wild Wednesday 

Hey J360 Legion

We’re just creeping through this week aren’t we?

We sped past September and October but November really wants us to take in the sights. It’s all good, I’m planning on making the most out of this day by getting some more photographs and doing a bit of editing from the radio show yesterday.

I hope you are all making more efforts as well. If you need some added help well here comes your song of the day. Now you may noticed I started off this article  with randomness. It’s due to the theme of the day, the grind week is almost over so you should be a little wild. A random song for a wildcard day, and the beats from this track will make for something awesome to listen to, and I think it may cause give you that boost you’ll need to handle your grind.  We’re taking a break from Synthwave and going onto another form of electro music, we’re back to the dance clubs listening to some mixing and scratching with  plenty of bass.

Today track is called “Lighta” (Frazah Remix) by Kaishi and mastered by Articulate Sound.

If you love the sounds of Kaishi, check out her Soundcloud here.

Sometimes the best thing you can do in order to keep pushing on your grind, is to make it exciting  by thinking of random things.  For example I tend to think of my grind as a nightclub pulsating with beats for me to dance too.  Listening to my friend’s mixes here just adds to the fun and keeps me going strong as I clock in and knock it all out.   You should try to turn your grind into the best adventure you can. It will be tough and can be tedious but never be buried by it, always keep embracing and pushing for the best you can be.

Song Of The Day: 10/28/16 Friday Remixes

Hey J360 Legion

Hey there what’s going on everybody, it’s almost Halloween and we’ve made it to the Friday Remixes.  Let’s see what do we have in stored for today, don’t forget that Friday is a grind day, so use it wisely until tonight’s activities.  To remain festive we should listen to something with a bit of deep bass, synth-based rhythm, and give you a dose of 80s nostalgia. We’ll also need that dark horror element because all hallow’s eve is coming up on Monday.

Today’s track is a remix of the Stranger Things theme song arranged by Cybass.

If you love the sounds of Cybass, feel free to follow his Soundcloud here.

This track should do nicely to get your blood pumped and pulsating for your grind today, but don’t scare too many people, we need to make the entire weekend count.