Project Conference#6: Interview with Marina Anselmo

Uniting the Tribe is getting better all the time. Let’s go for Episode 6 as J-Man meets up with and interviews the wonderful Marina Anselmo. We will learn about her story and the creation of her album called Dew. Lots of stories to be told as each composition enriches the spirit, and soothes the heart. Let’s get to know more about Marina Anselmo, listen to her music, and find out what she’ll create next.



J.M.Brady as himself

Marina Anselmo as Herself

Music Videos or Tracks

Arp – Marina Anselmo

silentMarch – Marina Anselmo

coitus – Marina Anselmo

dew – Marina Anselmo

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Song Of The Night: 06/10/21 (Jammaversary Mode!!) Tech Addiction by Zero Call

Happy Jammaversary!! We’re still celebrating the greatest music, and tonight we have a treat from a musician called Zero Call. This track is one of my favorites called “Tech Addiction” from his “Fear and Dreams of Living Machines album.

While this is my favorite track, the whole album is an instant classic and it will make you think about the future.

Zero call also has an impressive discography from his Bandcamp page, and there’s even a remix EP of Fear and Dreams of Living Machine, I still need to check out.

To Zero Call, please making these great hits brother, you’re a legend!

If you enjoy who you’re hearing tonight, feel free to check out Zero Call’s link below for more information and support.

Zero Call’s links


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Song Of The Night 06/09/2021 (Jammaversary Mode!): Martyrday by Etherdrive

Happy Jammaversary!! J360 Legion!!

Come gather around for a flashy hot track that’s been released today from an old friend of mines called Etherdrive. Welcome to the world of Martyrday.

Filled with a catchy arrangement and smooth guitar solos, you do not want to miss out on this one. From what I can tell Etherdrive has plenty of awesome things coming together from his side of the lab and it’s always an enjoyment to hear when he has something new for us.

Ever since I heard met Etherdrive from Threadmill’s recommendation and heard his debut on Jams. This young man has proven time and time again that he’s a musical genius and that this is only the beginning of great things from him.

Keep up the good work brother and don’t forget Jam Fam Forever!!

If you like what you’re hearing tonight, please check out Etherdrive’s bandcamp link below and show your support.

Etherdrive Links

Bandcamp: Https://

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Song Of The Night: 04/05/17 Wildcard Wednesday

Hey J360 Legion

It’s the middle of the week, and we have a special presentation for you all that was just too good for the daylight. So it’s getting the Song Of The Night treatment. Tonight’s creator has earned this spotlight because he’s well on his way to becoming a titan in the Synthwave movement. I can only imagine how long each track took in terms of composition and execution.

Tonight’s feature is a playlist from a newly released EP called Night Raptor created by the composer of the same name.  The vibes surrounding every track are unbelievable and must be heard with your own ears.

What a rush right? If you love the sounds of Night Raptor, feel free to check out his various links listed below.

Night Raptor links

1) His Website

2) Bandcamp

3) Soundcloud

I’d like to say that Night Raptor’s journey is just beginning and as he’s moving forward in his endeavors we as other artists, creators, and fans alike should do the same.  Continue to support and grow other creatives out there because in the end we can only make it if we work together.  Let the sounds guide you through the night legion because tomorrow is another adventure.  Inspiration does come in many forms and this EP is one of them.