The J-Man Show#160: Friday Night Foolery

In this 2nd part of a Double Special, J-Man discusses scaling back on doing too many projects, life so far, and things that annoy him but at the same time he finds funny. He will also mention how he doesn’t care about Will or Jada’s romance but loves the idea of a Red Table Talk. Finally, he’ll talk about the importance of laughter and how the community should lift each other up during hard times.

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Song Of The Day: 09/06/16 The Adventure Continues.

Hey J360 Legion!

Summer Vacation 2016 is finally over, and it is time to embrace Fall/Winter again. Personally this is my favorite time of the year.  The Atmosphere, Football, The Holidays, and the end of the year.   So here is to all new adventures in Fall/Winter 2016, and we’re going to kick it off with a Song of the Day.

Today’s track should be all about that soothing change, and I’ve managed to find a track courtesy of Electronic Gems that can supply such.  This track is called Early Reflections by Mono Memory, and the tempo alone can give you that feeling of remembrance while letting you know you have more goals to achieve and much left to do.

I know I have some material to work on (Haha) but I’m loving J360’s reconstruction so far.

If you enjoyed the sounds from Mono Memory, please check out this bandcamp link.