Editorial: A Thank You to 2016 

(The following can be a bit graphic due to the appearance of these familiar faces who have left us in 2016, I apologize in advance but it needs to be said.)

Hey J360 Legion

It has been an interesting couple of days since Christmas.

Significant untimely passings and vicious woes about the future. While death is unexpected, it is inevitable. You must look to it as a freedom for those who have done great deeds in their lifetime so they could pave the way for those who follow.

Celebrity deaths.jpg


George Michael.jpg

Is it hard to take? Yes very but it shows that this is the time for a lot of us creatives whom grew watching or being inspired by these brilliant creators and performers to take point and step up to create our own iconic works so people in the future after us can enjoy them and be inspired as well.  Their deaths were unexpected, shocking, and harmful to a lot of us but in a way they do not have to do anymore on this path of life. It can also be seen as a passing of the torch to those of us who still have to make their mark in the entertainment industry or other forms of work. Life and death flows through time just like everything from whom we meet, what we do, and what we would like to have done.  It’s when asking for more time tends to be more selfish than abusing the time you were already given like everyone else.

So for the year despite who is coming to Washington DC, and whatever fear we may all have for what’s to come. We should refocus that energy into leaving a strong legacy for others to follow.  We’ve all have the skills and potential to do it, and while most are saying “**** you 2016.”

I say thank you 2016 for being a wake-up call for those of us who just take this life for granted. This is a much-needed kick in the ass to plenty who now need to strive for their goals, fight for their place in the world, and make 2017-20 understand where we’re coming from. It’s been a messed up year for a lot of us but this is the time to be more proactive instead of reactive.

Mourning for the past creatives is a beautiful thing but we’ll better serve their legacies by showing off what they taught us through our own work.

Let’s give 2017 a run for its money! Don’t burrow yourselves in fear and only hope that you gain respect.  Fight it out, create something great, and have confidence in everything you o from here on out, a lot of the people we are mourning for had to work hard on their dreams, and so we should do the same as well.   It’s time to go ahead and make our impact no matter what age you’re in or what dead-end job you may be currently employed to, it’s time to add more excitement to your lives if you feel as though it’s time for change.  So do not waste your time on being down and out or full of fear, let’s face 2017 together and respect those who have past on and let their strength be added to our own.

The J-Man Show#3: Let’s Go For Three!

It’s now the holiday season, and J decides to address a serious issue with the filmmaking industry.

Are Reboots and Pre-Sold Franchises killing the industry instead of saving it?

While speaking of comic book movies He also revisits the three classic Sam Raimi Spider-man films and speaks about them from good to bad.

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The J-Man Show#1: You call this a Pilot? (Explicit)

This episode of The J-Man Show reunites J and Mondo as they discuss President Elect Trump, The Marvel Cinematic and DC Extended Universes. All while trying to figure out what the missing infinity gem is, and poking fun at their own company.

Production Notes: This is a pilot for another J360 comedy series, and it is archived from a live radio broadcast from 11/15/16.

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Songs Of The Day: 09/02/16 Censorship Friday Double Trouble


Hey J360 Legion!

I’m sure you all have heard about the latest YouTube news regarding the new Terms of Services. Remember how vague they were?

Well now they’re worse, and have more vague stipulations with punishments including demonetizing , flagging down videos, and banning/deleting channels. While even using terms to tie it all together like “Advertiser Friendly.”  In some way or another YouTube is clobbering Freedom of Speech,Freedom of Self-Expression, and Fair Use at the same time.

If you need more information about these rules, check out this link courtesy of Heatstreet.com.

While YouTube hasn’t been a friendly website at times, there’s still no reason for Iron gripped Censorship due to different point of views, creators relaying information,  and/or using fair use to support their opinions. I’d at least hope the people would share credit and links for where they got the original sources. YouTube was once a platform that allowed you to express yourself, and gain plenty with a profitable income or extra money. For some reason, things started to get messy in 2015 and is now coming to a head in the latter part of 2016.

The site isn’t dead yet however can be awesome again but all creatives need to unite, and speak against these vague rules. It could be a long shot but sometimes that’s all you need to get things done. Remember if you let these things get an inch over you, they’ll take a mile and the opposition usually wants more even if they win so don’t allow yourself to be railroaded.

However we will need inspirational songs to get us there first, and there’s plenty from the Pink Floyd catalogue to help with this.  So it’s a Double Feature Friday this week, and major shout outs to Pink Floyd for being forward thinking, and yes we’re using YouTube links for that extra ounce of snark (haha).

Pig (three different ones) by Pink Floyd

Welcome to the Machine by Pink Floyd