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It’s amazing, ever since we started J360 Productions back in 2006, we never thought we would grow and meet various others who share the same passion for mass media that we do.  We’ve met some pretty cool people across the world that are great entertainers, informers, creatives,  actors, photographers, and etc.

One of our goals in J360 Productions is to find other production companies, and creatives to present to you because we believe that everyone deserves an audience.

If you enjoyed our work thus far, please give our affiliates a shout-out too.

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Secret Stage Productions is a group of creators based in Metro-Detroit that are actively producing the kinds of content that they enjoy, ranging anywhere from podcasts to videos to artwork to written pieces.  Each member brings their own eclectic interests and a unique skill set to the team.

Secret Stage is home to the Secret Stage show, Zach and Hales Make a Podcast, and a variety of other programs, with more always on the horizon!

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Into the Night with PipWtf.

On my pages you will find Special FX Apps for all of your movie and video editing needs.

These are helpful for the amateur YouTuber/Filmmaker also you’ll find videos and stories on Paranormal experiences with Aliens, Ghosts, and Shadow beings!

Dive into the stories on my Facebook page and listen to my personal experiences on my Podcast via my youtube page, and all can be found on my website.

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“From awarding winning films, to celebrations of movie, gaming, and pop culture fandom, Sycamore Street Studios strives to provide awesome content for awesome people. ”

“Sycamore Street Films, a Festival of Conviviality.”

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