J360TV: SpaceForce’s Birthday Bash (J360 Jams In Concert)

Tonight is an excellent celebration for J360TV, we’re putting on our first ever livestream concert and honoring SpaceForce’s Birthday featuring performances by Resin Sun, Blastpast, and SpaceForce.

This is also a project we’re using to expand the J360 Jams Brand.

Hosted by J.M.Brady

So if you like you’re hearing tonight, please check out the links under their name.

The order of performances is as followed.

Resin Sun






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Email: [email protected] — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/j360tv

The J360 MiniBytes#23: Force This

This week J looks into Spider-Man’s return, Harley Quinn and The Birds Of Prey, Thoughts about the Joker film, and the People vs. Mark Hamill.

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The J-Man Show hits 1 year milestone! 

The J-Man Show 1st year celebration speech. If you click the link below you’ll hear the speech and new plans for J360 Productions in the future


J360 Productions NES Box Art Gallery

Hey J360 Legion
We’re showing off something incredible from our photo division as the J360 Series are stylized via NES BOX Art.  We’ve got more to come as we continue presenting different products from our workshop.