SOTA: Suburban Legend

Kicking off the gift giving season, the SOTA crew try and crack the yule-time nuts that are gifting the Only Fans girl who has it all, the tradition of awkward holiday dinner conversations, what Stephen Hawking was doing on Epstein’s plane, the online normalization of violence amongst the youth, body positivity, Pete Davidson’s fame (like why, though?), ironic deaths and Biden’s new task force in charge of preventing another deadly mass shooter event.

Note: The views expressed are for satire purposes and comedic in nature. So just sit back and enjoy a good unfiltered laugh. You deserve it.

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SOTA: Pixel Dick

This week the bit stream battle Royale known as State of the Art tackles Aaron Rodgers, Alec Baldwin, modern day coaching in sports, actors being “totally sane”, Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian being in love, underrated R&B groups, balancing gang life with youth group and the lyrical content of Maroon 5. Buckle up, buckaroos! It’s a wild one.

Note: The views expressed are for satire purposes and comedic in nature. So just sit back and enjoy a good unfiltered laugh. You deserve it.

Keep up with the SOTA Squad
JM Brady |
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And hosted by
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The S. Anthony Thomas Show#93 with J.M.Brady (Crossover Episode!)

From J.M.Brady: I’m so honored that during this Jammaversery I had the pleasure of hanging out with S. Anthony Thomas on his show to discuss how things have been lately since my last appearance. It always feels cool to talk with the legendary S-Man when I got some down time.

What you will find in this episode is nothing short of greatness with an awesome conversation between two friends, and I gotta make sure to set up a Hangouts Episode with him too.

S.Anthony Thomas Show#93: Synopsis

In this episode: S. Anthony talks with podcaster/filmmaker J.M. Brady about independent music (He hosts a popular show where he showcases indie artists), the perils of social media and meeting listeners in real life.

Check out this episode, tell a friend, rate, and review. It would be much appreciated!

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J-Man’s Greatest Crossovers#5: Random Ramblings w/Rob (3RShow)

During my travels across the interwebs I managed to meet a lot of interesting people from podcasts, short films, talent shows and so on. So this feature is my way of giving back to them, welcome back to J-Man’s greatest crossovers.

This particular one was an adventure long overdue, I actually met this guy through my meetings with other podcasters, along with producing The J-Man Show in its 2nd season. For the longest time he actually tried to have me on his show and for awhile I was too busy working on the various other programs but I always knew we would do an epic team up sometime and this particular episode is the result.

So this is a shout out to B-Rob in TX, the random man himself and true to form, his programs don’t disappoint at all. You should definitely check out his material and really look out for whomever he has guest appearing or gaming live streams he has done.

For you wrestling fans or those interested, you should check out his other show: Wrestling is Trash

What is the 3RShow?

Podcaster?, RETIRED Service Member, Video Game lover, & Wrestling Fan. Jack…Ass of all Trades, Master of None. Join me as I try to figure out this podcast thing (From B-Rob’s Description)

Episode Synopsis: J.M. Brady on Everything (Oct 18,2020)

Joining me on this edition of #3RShow is J.M. Brady, man of a thousand podcasts. Listen as he busts my chops all episode & some of his plans for the future of his brand Sponsored By


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J-Man’s Greatest Crossovers#4: The S-Anthony Thomas Show (07/23/2020)

This time on J-Man’s Greatest Crossovers, we’re revisiting one of the best moments in J360 Productions history! I finally guest-starred on one of the greatest podcasts of all time: The S Anthony Thomas Show.

It’s one of the two shows hosted by S Anthony Thomas.

He’s a top notch comedian with a lot of awesome insight and we had an incredible episode filled with plenty of knowledge, humor, and content to keep people begging for more! It was one of the best team-ups I ever had throughout my podcast journey.

You’ll split your sides laughing so hard at what subjects we got into.

What did we talk about you ask? Just take a listen and find out!

What is the S Anthony Thomas Show?

S.Anthony Thomas is a Comedian, a Podcaster, and… A Delicious Chocolate Genius.  This show will have comedy, interviews (or he’ll hang out with interesting people in his words) and commentary. (And whatever the heck else he wants ) Give it a listen! Subscribe! Tell Friends! #SATShowPod

Episode Synopsis:

In this episode, The S-Man @santhonythomas, and the J-Man @JMBrady360 handle some serious podcast business.

To hell with Fort Knox, I’ve got some podcast gold coming for you. We discuss, film making, the NFL, the UFC, whipping people’s asses… listen!

Check this episode out and also check out S. Anthony’s other podcast, “S. Anthony Says” (Twitter: @santhonysays)

S Anthony Thomas’s Social Media

Twitter: @santhonythomas, @santhonysays

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J-Man’s Greatest Crossovers#3: Roman Pod and Cast (05/04/2020)

This third crossover takes me to the land of the north, good ol’ Canada to hang out with my friends Roman and Cast on their series. These guys host an entertaining and informative show, and I always enjoyed the shenanigans and conversations they have. From their banter and wordplay I knew I was going to be in for a treat and when Mr. Cast asked me if I would like to join in? I didn’t dream of saying no.

In fact, I said “Hellz yeah! Let’s do this!”

What followed was an adventure that I needed in order to get away from quarantine and being an essential worker. It was well worth it because I also got to know more about the both of them and I gotta say I’m glad I met them. So I hope that you all find joy in listening to it as I did joining Roman and Cast to make it happen because it was an enjoyable trip using the power of podcasting.

I plan to revisit them again sometime or better, have them join me on a J360 Hangout.

What is the Roman Pod and Cast Show?

Roman Lebeau and Robert Cast are two Canadians who get together to chat about trending stories, headlines and give their unsolicited advice.

Episode Synopsis: This week Roman and Rob are joined by J Man from J360 Productions for a Quarantine Crossover! A proud member of the Emotionally 14 Family, the EMC, the Points Of Interest and The Tangent-Bound Networks

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J-Man’s Greatest Crossovers#2: Cult 45 Podcast#230: Friday The 13th w/ J.M.Brady

Crossover Date: 03/08/2020

It has finally come to this especially since this is my 2nd Crossover Episode in the history of J360 Productions.

You can’t think of Podcasting without hearing the name of Cult45, the Podcast that puts hair on your chest hosted by my good friends: Bemdown and Random Randy Savage. I’ve listened to their show for a long time before I started the J-Man Show in 2016. Their viewpoints on different movies is awesome to hear and I would tune in every week to see what movie they would review. Some movies would be classic hits, others would be misses, and/or terrible but hearing these guys discuss each one with their own rating systems in the mix presents an awesome show.

I figured as I would keep creating and working on J360 Radio eventually I would join B and Randy on some of their review episodes.

One day I got my chance because in February 2020, B sent me a message inviting me to the show to discuss one of the best horror films of all time: Friday the 13th! I was sold immediately, especially at the prospect of hanging with two of the coolest dudes in the podverse. So by the time March rolled around I was ready to go and what follows is one of the best episodes of all time and I actually got to help kick off their Friday the 13th marathon.

We’re all still cool with each other to this day, and they also do other projects too. Bemdown is producing his Old Man Gamer series on their twitch, and Randy is creating a feature of his own on their YouTube Channel called “Hitch Me Up.”

I highly recommend checking them out after you listen to the episode below, you won’t regret it!

What is the Cult 45 Podcast? (In their own words)

The fun really starts after the credits roll.

We are Cult 45: The Movie Podcast and we are based out of Houston, TX. We are a comedy podcast that reviews cult movies with a fresh outlook. Many of these movies range from personal favorites, to films we have never heard of. If you are in a mood to laugh, or want to relive the experience of a movie you’ve already seen, check us out. 

Main Site: Https://

Podbean: Https://


Cult 45 Podcast#230: Friday The 13th (1980) w/ J.M.Brady

Episode Synopsis: This week we finally have J.M. Brady from J360 Radio as a guest and FINALLY review Friday the 13th!

Cult 45 Podcast’s Social Media

Twitter: @cult45podcast

J360 Productions Social Media

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J-Man’s Greatest Crossovers#1: Horribly Awkward Podcast#119

Welcome to a new feature on J360 Productions everyone, this is all about giving back to those content creators whom helped me along the way to being a great creator in my own right. While sometimes it’s easy to travel alone and go far, it’s better to do it as part of a community and feels rewarding to meet new people. To this day I never thought I’d meet so many extraordinary people as I keep creating and well I sure hope I do them justice as I present this series to you.

Feel free to check out each show by the way, these people are awesome.

Crossover Date: Jan 25, 2018

A long time ago, I was just starting out in the podcasting field.

The J-Man Show was practically 2 years old and I was still working on defining my skill set as a host and trying to take it to the next level. I even made a few friends as a podcaster and was steadily gaining some listeners throughout every episode I did.

One day I received a message from someone on twitter and to my surprise it was from Shawn from the Horribly Awkward Podcast. I remember listening to his show and laughing at plenty of the discussions and hearing how he interviews the guests that were fortunate enough to appear on it. I never thought that I would be considered for a guest spot, and happily took his offer.

What came from it was an interesting presentation with lots of laughs, a cool friendship, and the honor of appearing on someone else’s show for the first time. He gave me a nickname as well “The King Of Rants” and you know I happily accepted it.

I would be eager to do reunion episode and it would definitely happen on J360 Hangouts.

What is the Horribly Awkward Podcast? (From his own description)

My name is Shawn and this is my horribly awkward, guest-driven, improvised, comedy, and fun-filled podcast. Take a ride with me on this journey with a new guest every week

Listen to the podcast! On iTunes, Stitcher Radio or at HORRIBLYAWKWARD.PODBEAN.COM

(You can click his picture for his Spotify link – J)

Horribly Awkward Podcast#119: J.M.Brady (J360 Productions)

Synopsis: Lots of energy on todays episode with The J-Man. This dude is a lot of fun. We talk podcasting, film making, random rants and much more. ENJOY

Horribly Awkward Podcast’s social media

Twitter: @Awkward_Podcast

J360 Productions social media

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J-Man’s Greatest Crossovers: An Introduction

Since you all have been patient on waiting for The J360 Hangouts to be reintroduced. I’ve created a feature for the J360 Productions Website that focuses on the times I was invited or invaded other people’s shows (haha)!

There were plenty that helped me along the way, and this is me giving back.

You could consider this an extension of The J-Man Show like the Album Spotlights are of J360 Jams.

The first article will be dropping later today.