Project Conference#7: Interview with Lowdy Trail

Uniting the Tribe is getting better all the time. Let’s go for a new episode as J-Man meets up with and interviews the one called Lowdy Trail, a soulful lyricist and all around epic artist who is also burning up the charts and keeping Hiphop alive. We will learn about his story and what material he has created along with more plans to come in the future.

We will also dive into his album called Para Social Loophole.

Music Videos or Tracks

Dazed – Lowdy Trail, Pat Anthony

Dum – Lowdy Trail feat. TeaYaMay

Dedication – Lowdy Trail feat. Pooley Madden & Red

Resurrection – Lowdy Trail

For more information on Lowdy Trail check out the links below.

Lowdy Trail (All Links)




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