J360 Jams#66: Adventure Route

It’s time for another journey, here on the party of all parties.
J-Man and The Jam Fam are riding through the spacewaves charged and ready with plenty of great music and fun to keep the evening lively. There’s at least 40 tracks on the list tonight and each one is prime and ready to pump up the volume in your house!

So sit back and listen to timeless tracks, J-Man’s commentary, and more!!!

Featuring music by Neon Black Dreams, Drop Beat Empire, Valkiria Synth, SAZER, Toxxic Project, Washed Inc, Rogue FX,. Toxic Driver, UFO 1982, Marina Anselmo, Turbo Hamster, Lowdy Trail, Neon Sweatsuit, Spaceforce, Firkenstein, Ardenite, Aerowolf, Sandor Gavin, Predator Technique, Aeroviper, Precog Zero, Dark83

If you like who you’re hearing tonight, please click the artist’s name to stay engaged with them.


Neon Black DreamsDreams
Neon Black DreamsNever Give Up
Drop Beat EmpireThe New Start
Valkiria Synth Feat. Drop Beat EmpireEntity
SAZERAces Collide
SAZERKessel Run 2.0
Toxxic ProjectS.S. Helios
Toxxic ProjectArmy Dream
WashedIncDrunken Master
WashedIncThe Laughing Man
Rogue FX and Toxic DriverDomino
Rogue FXAmerican Dream
UFO 1982Hawkins Curse
UFO 1982Running Up That Hil Remix
Marina AnselmoDew
Marina AnselmosonnetFalls
Turbo HamsterObluda
Turbo HamsterAs Winter Fades
Lowdy Trail ft. Pat AnthonyThese Dayz
Lowdy Trail ft. TeaYaMayDum
Neon SweatsuitJuicy
Neon Sweatsuit feat. Paul ScheerParty Lord
SpaceforceRecord of a Spaceborn (Live 2022)
SpaceforceHappy Returns
FirkensteinA New Relationship with Time
FirkensteinTied together by Time and Fear
ArdeniteYou’re so dumb
ArdeniteI Don’t Wanna Stay Friends
Sandor GavinCall Of The Wild
Sandor GavinEuphoria
Predator TechniqueChase
Predator TechniqueAdventure
AeroviperMechanical Bees
AeroviperCosmo Beach
Precog ZeroA Night in The Marsten House
Precog ZeroWhen is the Witches Sabbath
Dark83The Pale Ones
Dark83Carcass Of a Dead Star

Outworld Sounds and PopAveEnt’s Synths for Equality…& Beyond https://outworldsounds.bandcamp.com/album/synths-for-equality-beyond

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