J360 Jams#64: To The 64th Dimension

It’s that time again, another friday, another jams and this time J-Man is bringing the band together for at least 32 awesome tracks. We’re riding the waves on the road to 100 and this playlist is going to be one of the greats, so sit back in your 64 and let’s listen to epic jams that the Jam Fam can bring!

Featuring music by: Louvers, ZXSP, Turbo Hamster, Mind Enemies, Blastpast, Syneba, Rogue FX, Toxic Driver, Spaceforce, Neaon, Warlock, Claudia Blackstar, Chiyprann, Firkenstein, Montse Torres, Summer Sleep, Neon Black Dreams, Precog Zero, and Predator Technique.

LouversWelcome Home
LouversHunt for The Truth
ZXSPPrime Time
ZXSPSoftware Interface
Turbo HamsterLost Illusions
Turbo HamsterNightmare Catcher
Mind EnemiesResistance
Mind EnemiesWords Of You
BlastpastHeat Death
BlastpastRacer X
SynebaMetropolis II
SynebaDie Marquise
Rogue FX and Toxic DriverDomino
Rogue FX American Dream
SpaceforceWe Need a Hero (Demo Mix)
SpaceforcePerespective (For Maria)
NeaonFire (Warlock Remix)
Claudia BlackstarNyctophile
Chypriann Feat. Claudia BlackstarSick Of You
Firkenstein Drunk In The Tub
FirkensteinNo Man needs Nothing
Montse TorresSynthetic Dreams
Montse TorresTokyo
Summer SleepEscaping a Cult
Summer SleepMemories are gone forever
Neon Black DreamsAnother Day
Neon Black DreamsNever Give Up
Precog Zero Veil of Fear
Precog ZeroVision of Nameless Abby
Predator TechniqueExcited State
Predator TechniqueEvent Horizon

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