J360 Jams#62: Another Vault Dive

Oh wow, since things were in a bit of a rush this week J-Man decides to take another trip through the music vault and bring about music from the Jam Fam to celebrate the oncoming of February with another party. Plenty of these tracks are classics but there may be some that are exclusives or about to make their premiere.

You’ll just have to find out by listening!

If you like who you’re listening to tonight, feel free to check out the artists via the links under their names and of course keep listening to J360 Radio.

Featuring music by Predator Technique, A New Hope, Elevate The SKy, Spaceforce, Neon Sweatsuit, Chasing Neptune, Amethyst Rain, Marina Anselmo, Isidor, Elegize, Claudia Blackstar, Ardenite, Driver86, Olivia Zulke, Oceanside85, KMXVII, Firkenstein, RogueFX, Dr.Chrispy, Toxic Driver, SAZER, Turbo Hamster, Mark Vera, Faraday Fusion, Alphabot, Neon Black Dreams

Predator TechniquePower Up
Predator TechniqueSuperhero
A New HopeWelcome To Night City
A New HopeEchoes
Elevate The SkyRace Against Time
Elevate The SkyWild Hearts
Spaceforce Feat. Neon SweatsuitThough the Universe
Spaceforce and Chasing NeptuneRainbow Sky
Chorus1986Lost Love
Chorus1986Streets of Temperley
Amethyst RainSome Kind Of Magic
Amethyst RainBeauty
Marina AnselmoCrest
Marina AnselmoArdor
IsidorCyber Funk
IsidorCommanders In Arms
Mercury MachineSecond Life
Mercury MachineRemember
Elegize feat. Claudia BlackstarShattered
Claudia Blackstar and ArdeniteDiamond
ArdeniteYou’re so Dumb
Driver86 feat. Olivia ZulkeDust In Slow Motion
Driver feat. Oceanside85Just a phone call away
KMXVIIFalling Down
KMXVIIThe Tempest
FirkensteinUnmoored From Reality
FirkensteinUndermine The Brainwaves
Rogue FX V. Dr. Chrispy(Because) We Belong
Rogue FX and Toxic DriverDomino
SAZERKessel Run 2.0
Turbo HamsterBloodlust
Turbo HamsterThe Grim Star
Mark VeraChange of Heart
Faraday FusionSuperdoll
Neon Black DreamsNever Give Up
Neon Black DreamsAnother Day

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