J360 Jams#61: Another Fantastic Voyage

It’s time for another round of Jams and this particular episode is stacked to the brim with excellent music from various members of the Jam Fam and beyond. Complete with worldwide talent and J-Man leading the pack this is going to be one beautiful voyage.

If you like who you’re listening to tonight, feel free to check out the artists via the links under their names and of course keep listening to J360 Radio.

Featuring music by Sazer, Dimi Kaye, Neaon, Isidor, Moosifer, Odder, Neon Sweatsuit, ZXSP, Predator Technique, Adam Ford, Marina Anselmo, Claudia Blackstar, Elegize, Firkenstein, Summer of Moons, Outshift, Turbo Hamster, Neon Black Dreams, and Spaceforce.

Dimi KayeOn The Dance Floor
Dimi KayeDisco 21
NeaonDream Of Return
NeaonSmoke and Shattered Windows
IsidorDare Dynamo
IsidorLove To Fight
MoosiferLow (Aka Frankenshit v6)
ZXSP feat. Rob MooreUbertaken
ZXSPProduction Line
Neon SweatsuitPixels Plenty
Neon SweatsuitThe Haunting of Spooky Manor
Predator TechniqueNostalgia
Predator TechniqueTokyo Nights
Adam FordYokohama – Lost Memories
Adam FordShibuya – Night Drive
Marina AnselmoCoitus
Marina AnselmoFern
Claudia BlackstarUpside Down
Elegize feat. Claudia BlackstarShattered
FirkensteinHunger You Can Never Sate
FirkensteinTied Together by Time and Fear
Summer Of MoonsNeon Waves
Summer Of MoonsDon’t Go
The Safety Word (Outshift Remix)Cocoon
The Safety Word (Outshift Remix)Vanity Life
Turbo Hamster Moonshadow
Turbo HamsterThe Vengeful Devourer
Neon Black DreamsEternity
Neon Black DreamsRun
SpaceforceSpace Tourist Second Flight
SpaceforceBeautiful Escape (EOY Event)

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