J360 One Shots: 2022 YEARS END Special

J360 One Shots: YEARS END Special!

It’s not necessarily a Jams week but we’re going to have a party anyways, and even the call is in back for some interactivity here on J360 Radio.  The best way to celebrate Years End is to have a party and bring in the new year with so much greatness ahead.

We just had to do a One-Shots Special for this! 

Same rules apply for the Top 10 Playlist, please check out the artist’s names underneath to see what they’re about and connect.

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AerowolfVoid Walker
Rogue FXFilofax (House Mix)
FirkensteinPresent In The Pleasure
Iyes KeenMoloch
Drop Beat EmpireThe New Start
SpaceforceRobot Love
Russell NashRace Against Time
ZXSPFrom The Depths of Memory
WarpsektorIt is What It is
CybognMovin On

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