J360 Jams#59: Yuletide Vibe Voyage

It’s time for another yuletide adventure upon the Jams High Seas and Captain J-Man is leading the Jam Fam and you guys on a wonderful time.  Bringing about multiple emotions and plenty of joy from the greatest music created around the world.  The Holidays aren’t a time to pout when it’s time to party it up and catch the wonderful vibes and waves that J360 Jams can offer. 

If you enjoy who you’re listening to tonight, feel free to check out the artist’s discography by clicking their name.

Jeff B Nostalgia Myalgia
Jeff BSoul Dance Digital
Chorus1986Family Travels
Chorus1986 ft. Phillip HaywoodForward Journey
Neon Black DreamsEndlessly
Neon Black DreamsEternity
Dark83 & Celestial MolliwopMystic
Dark83 & Celestial MolliwopSwarm
Rogue FX We Belong (Face to Face Mix)
Rogue FX Filofax (House Mix)
Amethyst RainOne Dance In The Snow
Amethyst RainBeauty
FirkensteinJust Floating
FirkensteinPresent in The Pleasure
Drop Beat EmpireThe New Start
Drop Beat EmpireRight Or Wrong (Demo Version)
Claudia BlackstarUpsidedown
Claudia BlackstarGymnopedie No.1 (Lo-Fi Version)
Mercury MachineSecond Life
Mercury MachineRemember
Heartbeat Hero & Warlock Radio Waves 108.4fm
WarlockNight Shift
SpaceforceRobot Love
Spaceforce feat. FarishaWe Need a Hero
Russell Nash Race Against Time
Russell Nash ft. GammaFlowSurvival Instinct
Melanie S Jane Was it a Dream?
Melanie S Jane New Day
WarpsektorIt is what it is
WarpsektorGlimpse The Infinite

Happy Holidays from all of us here at J360 Productions, live well and take care of yourselves. 

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