Updates: Hangouts Revival and Project “Conference”

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Well it’s for a good reason.

Things are changing around here at J360 Productions, and that includes the format of the shows. We never shy away from taking things to the next level around here and with 2023 on the rise, it’s time we brought something new.

Remember J360 Hangouts? You know the red-headed step child of the J360 Lineup?

J360 Hangouts Format on J360TV

Well it still exists and there are new episodes coming along with it, it has a hybrid connection with the rest of the original line, we’ve originally had it as a bi-weekly presentation to work in conjunction with J360 Jams to showcase creators across the world.

There were hangups in hangouts, and some of you were very shy or ignored the series I had to reinvent it into a team-series with Al and Marco. The panels and the humor are really cool and we have an awesome time being on the live presentation for you all, Hangouts isn’t in its final form yet but it’s shaping into something astonishing.

Needless to say it actually worked a lot better for the show and lives up to its name but some of you asked me when are more interviews coming? Or if I even did them anymore?

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