J360 Jams#58: December Wave Party 22

Time for some holiday hooliganism with some fantastic music thrown in as J-Man and the Jam Fam deck the halls and bring about yuletide cheer with 32 tracks and crazy fun. 

It will be jolly, it will be unorthodox, and Fridays still belong to Jams!

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BlastpastRacer X
BlastpastCasa Cristo
Rogue FXDon’t Talk To Strangers
Rogue FXFilofax
UFO1982Fantasia (Deja Vu Noir Dark Days)
Driver86 feat. Olivia ZulkeDust In Slow Motion
Driver86 feat. Olivia ZulkeThe Lost Signal
MikeXFMChipStorm (The Lost Synths)
MikeXFMWeird Specie
I-SAAC x CelinaBlack Sun
Dark83The Pale Ones
Dark83Carcass Of a Dead Star
Electron OdysseyMach 20
Electron Odyssey feat. Meg McDuffeeThe Endless Shore
Claudia Blackstar feat. ArdeniteDiamond
Claudia BlackstarUpsidedown
Amethyst RainBeauty
Amethyst RainOne Dance In The Snow
Marina AnselmoDew
Marina AnselmoShiver
Spaceforce feat. Washed IncSpace Tourist (Final Flight)
SpaceforceWe Need a Hero
Neon SweatsuitLaser Beam Fever Dream
Neon Sweatsuit Mountain Sphere Ultimate
Neon Black DreamsReach For The Light
Neon Black DreamsDreams

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