J360 Jams#57: Short and Sweet Symphony

It’s that time again, Fridays belong to Jams and continuing on the road to greatness is another special episode.  J-Man decides to trim down the playlist this week and focus instead on 24 different tracks from various artists to bring about the Short & Sweet Symphony for the evening as a bit of R&D. 

If you like who you’re listening to tonight, check their link under the artist’s name and help keep them in business. 

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Chorus1986Forward Journey
Chorus1986Whatever It Takes
Amethyst RainFly and Smile
Amethyst RainSome Kind Of Magic
Melanie S JaneNew Day
Melanie S JaneWas it a dream?
Black Snow On ChristmasNeed New Words
Black Snow On ChristmasThe Beauty Of It All
FirkensteinA New Relationship with Time
FirkensteinSmother No Other
LXNRFallen Empire
Russell NashKyoto Recall
Russell NashSine Of The Times
Rogue FX We Belong (Face to Face Mix)
Rogue FXFilofax
SpaceforceBeautiful Escape
Spaceforce ft. CybognUnreleased
Neon Black DreamsEndlessly
Neon Black DreamsAnother Day
Electron OdysseyThe Endless Shore
Electron OdysseyForever

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