J360 Jams#56: The Vault Party (Monster Fest 2022)

This is it! The twilight moment for the 2022 J360 Monster Fest, and we’re ending it all with a bang as the party of all parties is infused with the last bit of horrific excitement. Lots of wonderful music from the best crew worldwide the Jam Fam, and led by once again by J-Man.

The only thing different this time is that J-Man dug from the vault to personally pick these songs in order to rock away the night and exorcise the Monster Fest away for another year.

If you like who you’re listening to tonight, please check the link under the artist’s name to stay in step and see what they’re up to.

As always, keep listening to J360 Radio!!!

MeteorDistant Worlds
MeteorWhat’s Left Of Me
Rogue FXRetribution
Rogue FXDon’t Talk to Strangers
OdderRandom Access
Iyes KeenNo Bliss
Iyes KeenMoloch
TenebranNight Run
YuKnoWatt ft. ThreadmillLuxure
Romero Synth2029 A.D.
Romero SynthThe Terminator
Neon SweatsuitCastles Of The Mind
Neon SweatsuitThe Haunting Of Spooky Manor
Maestro EternalPrayers Won’t Save You
Maestro EternalNail In The Coffin
Nakatomi Freefall Ft. Claudia BlackstarDevil’s Night
Claudia Blackstar feat. Ardenite Diamond
LXNR and KawakuroC0NQU3R DE4TH
LXNR and KawakuroM3Z4AM3
FirkensteinVandalized Memory
FirkensteinEverything Appears To Be Under Control
MikeXFMCastlevania the III Curse
MikeXFMDracula’s Synth Theme
Celestial MolliwopDelta Flyers
Celestial MolliwopEncounter
AerowolfVoid Walker
AerowolfZombie Shuffle
EtherdriveNo Fate
GrandBlasterSkophobe Step
GrandBlasterSlaughter Nights
Drop Beat EmpireThe New Start
Drop Beat EmpireLeave the Pain (Piano Version)
Jetfire PrimeScream Queen
Jetfire PrimePool Cleaner

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