J360 Jams#55: Frightful Reunions (Monster Fest 2022)

It’s the fourth week of Monster Fest, and another Jams Voyage is rising from the grave to present over 2 hours of epic music made from the finest creators across the world.   This will be a unique episode as it reunites creators who appeared on the Halloween Contemplation album called “Frightful Refrains” made by Firkenstein and many others.  

This episode will serve as a sequel of sorts, along with J-Man returning to host so sit back and embrace one of the greatest jams episodes ever made.

If you enjoy who you’re listening to tonight, please check out the link under the artist(s) names below, thank you for supporting them and listening to J360 Radio!!!

Inhuman GenomeInvitation
Inhuman GenomeAnxiolysis
NargathrondBloody Playground
NargathrondStrange Situation
AerowolfZombie Shuffle
CakeheadWoodland Amble
CakeheadA Colour Never Seen
Ryan J. SmithRock & Roll
Ryan J. SmithDifferently
ClaytronicGonna Wait Till My Change Comes
Claytronic Memory Hole (Andy Jam)
GrandBlasterOver Your Shoulder
Maestro EternalBurn
Maestro EternalDeath Becomes You
Hans KammererEra I
Hans KammererCandle Grey
Black Snow On ChristmasThe Only Place To Hide
Black Snow on Christmas ft. The Liar ChoirSuicide Squats
FirkensteinEverything appears to be under control
FirkensteinPast The Periphery
Drop Beat EmpireMy World
Drop Beat EmpireAftermath (Instrumental)
Marina Anselmo Shiver
Marina AnselmoDew
LXNR ft. KawakuroTrick or Treat
LXNR ft. KawakuroC0NQU3R DE4TH
Ash ElectricVoices
Ash ElectricID
Celestial Molliwop Incursions
Celestial Molliwop Cyberorganic Blood Freak
Vincenzo Salvia Ghetto Spaghetto
Vincenzo SalviaMore Oregano Baby
Inside The Albatross FactoryCoalesce (Burst Transmission)
Inside The Albatross FactoryLittle Green Men

Check out the Frightful Refrains album here: https://firkenstein.bandcamp.com/album/frightful-refrains

Frightful Refrains Listening Party hosted by J-Man and Firkenstein:


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