J360 One-Shots: Frightful Refrains Listening Party

Welcome to a Monster Fest special event to celebrate the release of Frightful Refrains, a special compilation album featuring the best music around the world focusing on the best time of the year known as Halloween. Sit back as the hosts J-Man and Firkenstein entertain you with groove awesome sounds throughout the entire night.

Jetfire PrimeScream Queen
FirkensteinVandalized Memory
VHS NightmaresThey’re Coming To Get You
ClaytronicLeave Something Witchy
CakeheadA Campfire Story
AerowolfZombie Shuffle
Black Snow on ChristmasSuicide Squats Feat. The Liar Choir
Daniel AdamBaying For Blood
Inhuman GenomeTale Of The Eternal Sea: Invitation
Washed IncVZK.INST.O.22
FirkensteinI wanna eat your brain
Ryan J. SmithI GOT(T)A Rock
LXNR & KawakuroTrick or Treat
Neon SweatsuitThe Haunting Of Spooky Manor
Graeme ThurmanCoffin Up
Myths and MonstersCecaelia
Hans KammererCandle Grey
Claudia BlackstarFrom Shadows
Sign of Crows & Star MadmanDark Side
Night Sky Body Ash Spirit
Fictional UniverseBackrooms
Inhuman GenomeTales Of The Eternal Sea: The Stranding
FirkensteinPast the Periphery
Inside The Albatross FactoryLittle Green Men
SpaceforceTenebris Intus
Sinitus TempoOpen The Hell Gates
Stric9visionTable for Two
Vulgate EmpressA Cold Hand
Summer of MoonsHaunt Me
Ana Oaks feat. FirkensteinLet Go
Claudia BlackstarMirage
Daniel Adam The Night Stalker
DozibrionThe Starmakr

You can purchase the album here: https://firkenstein.bandcamp.com/album/frightful-refrains

Executive Producer – Firkenstein

Frightful Refrains (2022)

Special shoutouts and thank you to all artists involved and for Firkenstein in putting all of this together. 

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